12.12.2008: Using software & hardware

So because I want to play music in this podcast, I’ve decided to mix the music together live. In order to do that I felt that using two instances of winamp would have been too problematic so I searched out some DJ software and found PCDJ. I am currently trying it out and liking it – keep in mind that I am only using this to dovetail songs together, no I have no real input on whether it would be a good piece of software for an accomplished party DJ.

I will say that the interface seems designed for a large monitor, but the skin used for it os pretty lo-grade. Of course, that’s not a deal-breaker in my case so I’m excited to see if this works out (since it is already).

Also, I’m going to be purchasing a small, but large hard drive so that I can hold all of my music on one drive.


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