03.09.2009: Preparations are underway!

inverted_gojira_sketchFantastic news for those music lovers out there. I’ve upgraded my music library and now have even more tunes to play on the show! Big thanks go out to Jim & Bob for their donations.  I’ll have a special thank you for the both of you soon enough.

Speaking of shows, the special guest for my next episode will be a good friend of mine who just happens to host an online radio show called Horror Holocaust. I’ve been on the show a few times and have always had a blast. Horror Holocaust is on the air every Friday from 2 – 4pm (Pacific Time) at PRARADIO.com. Jeff and I will similarly be talking Godzilla movies, but Jeff’s perspective strays closer to the die-hard fan. I think you’ll enjoy his perspective along with some other treats I’ll have for you. So keep checking the blog here or your favorite feed-reader for an update in a couple of weeks; March’s episode will rock!!