07.06.2009: Back from the show


My Kaijucast stickers await their inevitable distribution to the fans attending the 2009 G-fest!

To put it mildly, G-Fest was a blast!

I brought a roll of 500 stickers and I easily gave away more than half of them. Every time I walked by one of the tables where I put them, they were all gone (which is a good thing). I also had the audio recorder with me and got some fantastic stuff, including an interview with one of the biggest stars of daikaiju eiga, veteran actor Kenji Sahara. There were even more people that I (for one reason or another) was unable to capture any audio with, but I’m going to track down those folks for the coming months.

As I’ve said before, it has been ten years since I attended G-Fest and I feel very fortunate that I was able to go this year (thank goodness for the mileage I accrued from all of those work trips last year). As I start sorting through the audio, feel free to check out the photos that I took. I’ve uploaded them to my photobucket account.

Also, I set up a Facebook page, so if you use that site, please become a fan (I need at least a hundred of you before I can just tell people, “go to facebook dot com slash kaijucast”). I’ve added a link to the sidebar and here’s another right here:

Lastly, I’d like to thank those that were kind enough to speak with me for the next show. Look for an update towards the end of the month!