10.27.2009: Japanese Ghosts and Goblins take over episode 10

Kyle and Jeff attempt to ward off angy bakemono and mischeivous kitsune on this spine-tingling episode of the Kaijucast!

Kyle and Jeff attempt to ward off angry bakemono and mischievous kitsune on this spine-tingling episode of the Kaijucast!

Truth be told, this is my favorite time of year… Halloween! And what better way to celebrate the creep-tastic season than by forgoing my normal Godzilla talk and shedding a little light on those bizarre Yokai films from Japan. You know you’ve seen the chirashi or the figurines every once in a while and if you had no idea what those were or where they came from, this is the episode for you.

My good friend Jeff Dean¬† from Horror Holocaust was kind enough to come back to the console and talk things up a bit with me… and what we discuss is pretty much just a primer showcasing some of the films dealing with Yokai. We talk about films both new and old stretching as far back as 1964 and creeping up to 2004’s The Great Yokai War.¬† Episode 10 of the Kaijucast is available here, but make sure you check out the links and notes below too! Here are the musical bits and audio clips I played on this episode, but please keep in mind that I couldn’t actually track down any of the original scores so a number of these are ripped directly from the movie audio.

1. The Tale of Heike from Kwaidan’s Hoichi the Earless (1964)
2. Intro by Sei Ikeno from Spook Warfare (1968)
3. Spook Warfare Buddhist chanting
4. Yokai Dance from Sakuya Yokaiden (2000)
5. The Unleashed Spirits of the War Dead by Kow Otani from Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah – Daikaiju Soukougeki (2001)
6. Gamera vs Guiron II by Shunsuke Kikuchi from Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)
7. Oshiete Jiji (aka the Adzuki Bean Song) by Kiyoshiro Imawano with Yosui Inoue from The Great Yokai War (2004)
8. Ending by Hiroshi Watanabe from Along With Ghosts (1969)

The Kaijucast visits Filmusik Producer, Galen Huckins.

The Kaijucast visits Filmusik Producer, Galen Huckins.


This month, I also interviewed the producer of what is sure to be a fantastic show here in Portland. At the beginning of November, Galen Huckins will be orchestrating live music, vocal and sound effects performance into a completely new audio track from one of my favorite Gamera films, Gamera vs Guiron! I found out about this from my contacts at the Hollywood Theatre and knew I needed to set up an interview. If you have any inclination to live music, I’m sure this performance is going to be amazing. And if you are in Portland and want to o see the November 6th show with a bunch of people, drop me an email and I’ll get the details to you! Regardless, Filmusik’s presentation promises to be a fantastic evening.



ULTIMO SPALPEEN VS KAIJUCAST (just kidding, folks)



*In Ghostly Japan by Lafcadio Hearn

*Field Guide To Demons by Carol Mack

*Yokai Attack by Matt Alt & Hiroko Yoda

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