02.10.2010: Kaijucast supplemental (aka not a full episode)

(Left to right) Kyle, Jodi, Jeff, Cindy & Martin join forces against the insanity that is Godzilla Final Wars!

So, after trimming the discussion to bits in order for the January episode to resemble something reminiscent of an hour long show, it dawned on me that I had to cut a lot of stuff that I would have liked to include. So, for the hardcore fans out there, I proudly present the almost unedited discussion of Godzilla Final Wars (there were a few moments that were, shall we say, not kid friendly), including the off-topic and rather tangential conversations that were sparked from this bizarre film.

Oh, and if you haven’t listened to the full episode from January, make sure you do so, as it has all of the regular music and the chopped down version where I actually have the budget and gross of Final Wars — sorry for the spoiler.

This entire thing was a lot of fun, so naturally I do plan on making this whole monthly movie watching party/discussion thing a permanent to semi-permanent fixture in my life. I cannot promise that I’ll have one of these in addition to each episode, the chances are pretty high. That being said, let me know what you think either way; as always, I love hearing from you guys out there!

As I stated last week, our next film up for discussion is Wrath Of Daimajin. We’ll be doing the recording on Monday, February 22nd, so I’ll need your input before that time. If it matters, we’ll be watching the second DVD release of the movie from the now defunct ADV Films. If you want to pick it up on DVD, I’d suggest using Right Stuf.com (that’s where I got mine). Don’t forget to vote in the poll to the right! I’d love to know how many of the movies in the discussion list you have seen…