05.24.2010: Giant Monsters attacking Idaho!

Anime Oasis' Mascot, Chiara

Anime Oasis' Mascot, Chiara. For some reason, I don't think she's really that big.

This is it folks, the big week for me as I prepare for my panels and presentations at this weekend’s Anime Oasis convention in Boise, Idaho. I hope to return with some great stories and a gallery of photos from my first ever anime con!

If you check out the schedule, you will see that I am presenting a total of three panels and one movie. I’m hoping that I can pique some interest with my kaiju-related discussions. For anyone who is able to attend, here’s the breakdown of where I’ll be and what I’ll be hosting:

Thursday 3pm
Giant Monsters vs Giant Robots: The Influence Of Daikaiju in Anime

Friday 11am
Godzilla & His Rubber-Suited Foes: A Brief History of Japan’s Biggest Star

Saturday 8pm
The Kaijucast presents Godzilla vs Biollante (1989) with a live podcast recording to follow.

Sunday 11am
Podcasting 101: DIY Online Radio

So there you have it! If you can make it to the show, I’m sure Godzilla could use the support. I’ll have some prints and stickers on hand – might even be doing some give aways for the prints… who knows? I’m sure it will be a blast. Hope to see some of you listeners there!