11.15.2010: Geek Trivia with BookCycle PDX

This week’s Geek Trivia at Vendetta is hosted by another awesome member of the Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture: the crew from BookCycle PDX, Fuel Cell Games and Drunken Rampage Events. In their own words:

D&D&D’s Science-Themed Geek Trivia is a bit different than standard Geek Trivias in a couple of senses… We will be allowing and encouraging up to 6 members (symmetry is nice) and bonus question points even if you don’t get the main question correct; we want to reward people for their knowledge! Also? Lab coats.
Dave (Drunken Rampage Events, Founder)
-Dmitri (Fuel Cell Games, Owner)
-Dawn (BookCycle PDX, Founder)”

Portland Geek Trivia at Vendetta & sponsored by Things From Another WorldSo come join us at Vendetta at 7 p.m. and compete for fabulous prizes from TFAW and our excellent sponsors.

You must be 21 or older to attend. Hope to see you there!

About BookCylce PDX:

Founded in January 2010 in a SE Portland shower by our Reader of the Pack, Dawn AM, BookCycle PDX’s core purpose is to bring free-flowing book access and drop-off points for community use. “Give when you can, take when you want.”

Our simple mantra, Bringing literacy and the love of bibliophilia to your local hangouts one bookcase at a time, says it all. At the baseline, this means we offer a bookcase to a local business and a “starter set” of books all stamped with our logo.