05.17.2011: Godzilla vs. Bridge City Winners!

Godzilla vs. Bridge City Comics winners!

Congrats to the winners of the contest!

First off, I really want to thank some key players involved in what I hope is the first of many contests here at the Kaijucast. Thanks to Eric Powell for not only signing these issues, but also for writing the series with Tracy Marsh. Thanks to Phil Hester for signing and providing the fans with a Godzilla worth looking forward to! Big thanks go out to Mike Ring, owner & proprietor of Bridge City Comics here in town not only for donating the five issues for the giveaways, but also for helping the comic take off like it did by being one of the 80 or so retailers to take part in the IDW Store Crushing promotion!

Now you probably want to know who won the five signed copies of the Bridge City Comics. The following quick-draw listeners scored these beauties:

1. Jeff W. of Ontario, Canada
2. Ron A. of Central Falls, RI
3. Ernest D. of Tallahassee, Fl
4. Steve S. of Taunton, England
5. Scott B. of Philadelphia, PA

Super congrats to you five and I’ll be sending those out pretty soon (I’ve got to pick up some shipping supplies for mailing comics). For those who didn’t win, keep listening to the show because I promise that more contests are on the way!