06.26.2011: Daikaiju Discussion Return of Daimajin

Return of Daimajin Discussioneers

Dave, Sean, Cindy Heather & myself all break down why Return of Daimajin is such an awesome film in this month's Daikaiju Discussion!

Episode 36 is here, folks! We had a great crew over to talk about the second in the Daimajin trilogy: Heather, Cindy, Dave (aka Baron Von Goolo) and Sean (who hasn’t been over in ages – you’d have to hit the “way back” button to hear him) and I watched this classic monster movie from one of Toho’s rival film companies at the time: Daiei Pictures.

While the film basically plays out like a samurai flick with a giant vengeful monster tacked onto it, we had an excellent time watching the film and if, for some really unfortunate and slightly crazy reason, you haven’t seen the Daimajin trilogy, make sure you pick them up later this year when Mill Creek Entertainment releases them later this year on BluRay – they are a fantastic landmark on the giant monster landscape. If you are unfamiliar with Dave and Sean, you can see Dave/Baron Von Goolo’s episode here and Sean’s episode here (and it was great to have them back). They have also been involved in Daikaiju Discussions since their episodes too.

In addition to the really great time with these cats, Heather came over to help me out with the rest of the episode (y’know, recording the intro and the  listeners’ homework and the news stuff – huzzah!).  Make sure you check out the links below. And of course we did play a little music and here it is:


1. Battle On Mt. Fuji from The Monster Project (originally by Akira Ifukube)
2. Ghidrah The Three-Headed Monster US Trailer audio (1965)
3. King Kong by The Jimmy Castor Bunch (1976)
4. Beginning of the End by Nobuhiko Morino from Godzilla Final Wars (2004)


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Your next assignment is to watch Godzilla 2000 – since this film was released in the US -both in the theaters and on DVD- I think we’ll probably watch the dubbed version because it’s more widely available. Just remember to get your homework turned in by the last week of July to be included in the episode. Just send those thoughts, questions and reviews to controller@kaijucast.com and I’ll make sure you are in the discussion. Oh and please put “Daikaiju Discussion: Godzilla 2000” in the subject line – it’ll make it easier to parse through the emails. I don’t want to miss anyone and I accidentally did for our 1985 assignment.

If you have any other comments about the show, if you want to make a suggestions for future episodes  or request a Godzilla-related track, make sure you send me an email. I’ve got to get caught up on some of the emails, but I still really enjoy hearing from you all and hope the show continues to entertain the collective you.