10.27.2011: Yokai Spooktacular and an interview w/Matt Alt

Yokai Spooktacular special guest, Matt Alt!

Yokai Spooktacular special guest, Matt Alt!

Woohoo – another Yokai episode (and it’s about time, too!)…

So, first off, apologies for the delay in the posting of this episode. I’m actually editing and writing and trying to get this online from a hotel room in China. I’m in country number four of a four-country Asia visit for my work. One of those countries I was able to visit, however, was the land of the rising sun, Japan. And since I was in Tokyo and since this is the October episode of the show, we have a special interview (conducted in person) with Matt Alt. Matt is the co-author of Yokai Attack!, a book that focuses it’s gaze on the creepy and weird ghosts and goblins of Japan. Matt met up with me in an area of Tokyo called Kichijoji and talked about these wild creatures and why they exist.

In addition to Mr. Alt, Heather and I discuss the original Yokai trilogy and the apparent curse that has been placed on the Kaijucast headquarters! There’s a little bit of news (of which I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, since this episode has taken me WAY too long to finish) and it wouldn’t be an episode of the Kaijucast without some suggested reading.

Hindsight is 20/20, right? I really should have edited my audio together on the plane so that it was ready to drop in the interview with Matt. So because of my poor podcast planning, this episode was delayed over a week. Why? Because once we left Japan, all of my free time went towards meetings, factory tours, dinners and other nightlife. It has been a bit of a whirlwind of activity here in Asia. Apologies to you, my dearest listeners. Also thanks so much to DJ Fulci of the Horror Holocaust Radio podcast for letting me borrow his mini-recorder. Make sure you check out their shows and commentaries!

1. Gravesite Apparition by Hiroshi Watanabe from Tokaido Obake Dochu (1969)
2. Tsuchikorobi Encounter by Chumei Watanabe from Yokai Hyaku Monogatari (1968)
3. Mystery of the Rokurokubi by Chumei Watanabe from Yokai Hyaku Monogatari (1968)
4. Journey Theme (O-Miyo & Hyakutaro) by Hiroshi Watanabe from Tokaido Obake Dochu (1969)
5. Hyakutaro’s Dream by Hiroshi Watanabe from Tokaido Obake Dochu (1969)
6. Shrine Worship by Chumei Watanabe from Yokai Hyaku Monogatari (1968)
7. Mt Fuji Bathed in the Evening Light by Hiroshi Watanabe from Tokaido Obake Dochu (1969)
8. Kiyoshiro Imawano with Yosui Inoue – Oshiete Jiji (the Azuki Bean song from The Great Yokai War – 2005)


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Frighttown (if it isn’t already too late!)

Since it’s already so late in the month, I think that a reminder that this month’s Daikaiju Discussion film is Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Gaia: Battle In Hyperspace might be a waste of the internet. I’ve been out of touch with Facebook since we drove into China and haven’t been able to remind anyone about turning in their homework. We’ll be watching it the day after I get back from this trip, so I might be a bit of a zombie during the recording. Actually I think that the movie is a lot of fun, so hopefully we’ll get that watched, dissected and uploaded quickly. This is actually the first time I’ve posted two episodes within one week of each other! (And the last time, I can almost assure you…)