06.09.2012: Live Show from Wonder Northwest

Wonder Northwest Live Episode

King Ghidorah invades Portland's Pop-culture expo, Wonder Northwest. Luckily, Heather, Jeff and Kyle were on hand to repel the space monster! Although it does look like we're just screaming, doesn't it? Yes, we are repelling the monster with our screams.

It’s a landmark occasion, people…. our first ever podcast recorded LIVE in front of an audience. Specifically, this was the audience for our podcast from Wonder Northwest, Portland’s own Pop-culture expo. It was a LOT of fun, so I am really looking forward to doing more of these in the future (like in San Francisco and Chicago). We only had about fifty minutes to actually record, so there won’t be any real news or other local events talked about in the podcast, but there are things that you should know, so I have added a few items down below that should definitely be checked out.

Oh, and this is a very music light episode. I wasn’t going to make the fine people and listeners of Portland sit through songs while we three picked our collective noses on stage, so I added one whoppingly awesome song at the very end of the podcast to round out the whole thing to about an hour.

Seriously, though. The live show was a blast and we are looking forward to many more of these in the coming years! Now stop all of this reading and get on with the clicking!

THE ONLY SONG THIS MONTH (And it was added in post-production!)
1. Symphonic Fantasia Track 3 by Akira Ifukube

BAFE King Kong vs. Godzilla Screening and much, much, much, much, much more!
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6/12 – 7pm Geek Trivia with cortandfatboy at the Kennedy School
6/13 – 7pm Cristos Gage Angel & Faith Signing at Portland TFAW
6/15 – 6pm Sienna Morris’ Numberism Exhibit Opening at Sweetwater Farm
6/15 – 9pm Geeklesque Reruns at the Star Theatre
6/17 – 7pm Video Game Quiz Show at Ground Kontrol
6/19 – 7:30pm Bigfoots in Oregon at the Jack London Bar
6/21 – 9pm Jonathan Coulton at the Aladdin Theater
6/22 – 6pm Can’t Stop the Serenity The Guild Marathon at Guardian Games
6/24 – 1pm Can’t Stop The Serenity at the Bagdad Theater (Kyle says, “GO TO THIS!!”)
6/26 – 7pm Geek Trivia Night with cortandfatboy at the Kennedy School

*Make sure to check out GeekPortland for all of your local Portland events!

Not Local Event:
What?? Another rerun from last episode? (does that make this a re-reun?)
Bay Area Film Event’s King Kong vs. Godzilla/Godzilla – Mothra – King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack double feature at the Historic Bal Theater in San Leandro, California (aka part of “the Bay area”). Special guests include Ed Godziszewski, Steve Ryfle, Cleve Hall, Creepy KOFY Movietime’s Balrok and I’ll be there to do some live podcast recording! Plus Kimono My House will be selling Godzilla stuff in the lobby and…well, you should get the idea. Get your tickets here! 

Oh, and if you are local to the Bay area, don’t miss the listener party! All of the deets are here!

Our next film for the Daikaiju Discussions will be the original Daimajin (1966). June is a little tricky for me here at the Kaijucast because just a couple of days after I get back from San Francisco, I have to leave for a work trip during the time I normally do the discussion. Therefore, if you want to have your thoughts, questions and reviews of Daimajin for June’s Daikaiju Discussion, you will need to email me before June 20th! No exceptions, yknow… because of the kind of extreme time constraints.