06.22.2012: Daimajin Daikaiju Discussion

It’s another Daikaiju Discussion episode, gentle listener, and this month we attack the first of the Daimajin trilogy (huzzah!) with Jeff and Martin. We have watched these films in reverse order because I randomized the movie list, but the time has come and it was a real treat not only to watch, but then to discuss the fantastic film with these two fine fellows!

We didn’t have a lot of extra stuff to discuss, but we did actually play some cool music in this episode! While in San Francisco this past week, I was able to hang out with one of the members of Big Pimp Jones and scored a copy of their new album called Kodoja. And I enjoyed it so much that I decided to play a track off the new CD.

1. Fight Among the Skyscrapers from Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown (available now, so go get it!)
2. Godzilla and the Polluted Ocean by Richiiro Manabe from Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971)
3. Daimajin’s Ferocity from Daimajin (1966)
4.  End Titles by Akira Ifukube from The Mysterians (1957)

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Your homework for the month of July is to watch and send in your thoughts questions and reviews for the one, the only (and assuredly the one many have been looking forward to reviewing), the original GODZILLA! We’ll be watching the Criterion BluRay disc and then talking for I’m sure some length about what this film means to us, as fans. We’d love to hear what you, as fans think as well, so make sure you email your homework to me before July 27th and we’ll get it included in the next Daikaiju Discussion episode.