07.15.2012: G-Fest Live Show with Godzilla Artists

G-Fest Live Show

Bob Eggleton, Jeff Zornow and Matt Frank join Kyle for the first ever G-Fest live show (first of many, perhaps?) to talk about putting Godzilla on paper!

Holy smokes, you guys…. what an amazing time I had today at G-Fest. This was definitely the place for a live show to take place, so we just have to get more of these happening!

This is episode 61 of the Kaijucast and I am joined in Chacago in front of a sizable crowd (for real this time) by Bob Eggleton, Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow and we just scratched the ¬†surface of what it takes to be a Godzilla artist these days. Since I had all three of them on the panel, the conversation did have a serious slant towards the IDW comics, but I really felt like the overall thoughts were on drawing the “Big G’.¬†Because this was a live show, there wasn’t really any news covered – even though around the same time, a teaser trailer for Legendary Pictures’ upcoming Godzilla was shown in San Diego for SDCC. I only played one song this month – it was a request from Ryan and as a tribute to the recently deceased Emi Ito of the Peanuts.

Aside from that, there’s really only a few links to share, but please do check them out.

“And I Love Him” performed by The Peanuts

Bob Eggleton’s ART du Jour
Matt Frank’s deviantart page
Jeff Zornow Must Be Destroyed
Kaiju Combat Kickstarter Campaign — PLEDGE TODAY!!

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Don’t forget that this month’s film is the original, Godzilla (1954). We’ll be watching the Criterion BluRay, so if you want to send in your homework, make sure to do so before the 27th to have your thoughts, questions and reviews included in the next episode!