03.31.2012: The Mysterians Daikaiju Discussion

Jeff, Kyle, Martin and Adam talk about the alien invasion film from Toho.

Jeff, Kyle, Martin and Adam talk about the ups and downs of the alien invasion film from 1957, Toho’s The Mysterians!

FROM BEHIND THE MOON THEY COME… TO INVADE THE EARTH! ABDUCT ITS WOMEN! LEVEL ITS CITIES! This month’s discussion focuses on the 1957 alien invasion epic from Toho, The Mysterians!!! We were a bit torn here at the HQ, but I was very happy to have my discussion crew for this episode: Adam Alexander from the Monster Project joined Jeff, Martin and I for the film. This discussion, albeit heavily bisected, was a LOT of fun. It’s always a pleasure to have Martin show up and watch these films for the first time, but Martin was not alone in this viewing – neither Adam nor Jeff had seen this film (in its entirety) either. Many thanks to my three cohorts and the listeners for this excursion.

We did have more awesomeness during this episode, so please make sure you check out the links below. And if you are one of the folks thats been having issues with getting the show on their mobile devices, check us out on Stitcher.

1. Main Theme (US Version) by Kinoyuchi Mayauchi from Godzilla’s Revenge (1969)
2. Sky by Ulfuls from Gamera 2: Advent Of Legion (1996)
3. Godzilla Vs. Kumonga And Kamacuras (M23-2) by Daisuke Yano from Godzilla Final Wars (2004)
4. The Alpha & The Beta by Akira Ifukube from The Mysterians (1957)
5. Fopp (Dub) by Soundgarden from the Fopp EP (1988)
6. Ending Monologue from Godzilla 1985

Akira Takarada joins Legendary’s Godzilla production!
Godzilla starts filming in British Columbia
Matt Frank has provided artwork for G-Fest XX
Hi-res photos of SH MonsterArts’ 1964 Godzilla figure
New SciFi JapanTV Episode “Memories Of Godzilla”

4/12 – 4/14 Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA
4/27 – 4/28 Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR
5/24 – 5/26 Crypticon in Seattle, WA
6/22 Godzilla Night II in San Leandro, CA
7/12 – 7/14 G-Fest XX in Chicago, IL
7/18 – 7/21 San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, CA

Our next film in the Daikaiju Discussion lineup is the next scifi film from Toho, the 1958 Daikaiju Varan otherwise known as “Varan the Unbelievable ” Please turn in your homework by April 23rd to have your thoughts, questions and reviews a part of the next discussion.