07.31.2013: Pacific Rim Daikaiju Discussion

One of the alternate posters given out during the IMAX screenings on opening night.

The Kaijucast crew sits down to discuss the awesomeness of Guillermo Del Toro’s new film, Pacific Rim.

Yes, it’s true. I rearranged the Daikaiju Discussion schedule and slid this month’s film, Pacific Rim, into the July slot so that we could capitalize on the release date. Did that move pay off? I would say so; we received more homework (aka listener reviews) than ever before!

Not only did we have a ton of responses, we also had a fantastic number of cohosts and local Kaijucasters at the screening! Both co-hosts Heather and Jeff showed up (it feels like ages since all three of us have been able to record together) and we were joined by Martin Vavra, Dave Helfrey, Bryan Cook and even T’Igor.

The discussion itself ran just about an hour, so I knew I was in trouble when I tallied the homework numbers last week. Seriously, editing your collective Daikaiju Discussion homework was brutal! Not because it took forever, but more because I hated having to chop down your finely written reviews. I always love reading what people loved about watching these movies and I really dig reading your thoughts about these films. But even with my creative editing, the show ends up being over two hours long… so to those who love the “over an hour” episodes, you are welcome.

And another thing, because of the nature of our last two episodes, we haven’t covered news or played music in about a month (unless you count Monster Music Mondays). Despite the lengthy discussion, there were news stories and music requests that I just couldn’t ignore and was happy to give those some attention!

1. Radience/Ultraman Hikari Main Theme by Toru Fuyuki from Ultraman Mebius (2006)
2. Roar! by Michael Giacchino from Cloverfield (2008)
3. Pacific Rim by Ramin Djawadi featuring Tom Morello from Pacific Rim (2013)
4. 2,500 Tons of Awesome by Ramin Djawadi from Pacific Rim (2013)
5. Gipsy Danger by Adam Warrock (2013)

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August's Daikaiju Discussion film, The Host (2006).

August’s Daikaiju Discussion film, The Host (2006).

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The next film in our discussion lineup is the Korean monster movie, The Host (2006). If you haven’t seen it, I have good news: it was released on DVD here in the United States and is also available on Netflix Instant View. If I recall, the movie has actually been pretty well received here in the U.S. and despite some bizarre scenes, it’s a pretty great monster-on-the-loose flick. Please check it out and then submit your thoughts, questions and reviews through the contact page before August 23rd to have your homework included in the next discussion episode.