Kaiju Emergency Preparedness

Listen Live to the Kaijucast's Emergency Broadcast!

WHAT: Kaijucast’s Emergency Broadcast 3 (or maybe Revenge of the Emergency Broadcast?)
WHERE: Streaming live on the Mediocre Radio Network
WHEN: Sunday, January 12th at 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time ( 5pm Eastern/4pm Central/3pm Mountain )
WHY: It’s our 3rd annual “Emergency Broadcast” – the LIVE episode that has now become a yearly tradition!

Please join the Kaijucast for an afternoon of celebratory awesomeness as we pat ourselves on the back for five years of podcasting about giant monsters! This will be similar to previous years with a live broadcast, live chatroom (that will actually work this year), live guests aaaaaaaand trivia! We have another kaiju-tastic batch of prizes to give away, too.

Prizes this year include CDs from The Monster Project, Legendary Beast Wolfman vs. Godzilla posters from¬†Mark Jaramillo of InSearchOfMonsters.com, a Chibi set of kaiju and Godzilla Legends Trade Paperback provided by Hilltown Kaiju, a myriad of IDW Publishing‘s Godzilla comics provided by the company, some incredible “kamakuras” thanks to Andy of Kaiju 101 and a slew of other stuff that I’ve been amassing over the last year!

This year both the audiostream and the chatroom are provided by the Mediocre Radio Network; massive thanks to ThaMike for setting up the network and hooking us up with the stream!!! 

If you want to see even more updates about our live episode, check out the Facebook Event page!

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