08.29.2014: Godzilla vs. Monster Zero Daikaiju Discussion

Kyle, Rachel and Bryan execute plan 2 of item 4 schedule 5 in this discussion of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero!

Kyle, Rachel and Bryan execute plan 2 of item 4 schedule 5 in this discussion of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero!

This month, we are tackling my favorite kaiju film and what I consider to be a high point of the entire Godzilla series, Kaiju Daisenso aka Invasion of Astro Monster aka Monster Zero aka Godzilla vs. Monster Zero! And for those of you listeners that love a long episode, this one’s for you. Actually, I’m pretty impressed that with all of the content in this episode, we “only” have a two hour show. As much as I could have continued to wax poetic about the Xians, Nick Adams, Godzilla, Rodan and King Ghidorah – it just seemed like a good idea to cut things off at a certain time (we’ll have to save it for an upcoming commentary).

Make sure to stay tuned after the discussion; we have a great round of Pickled Ginger, a bunch of news, and of course, some music!

1. Battle by Cha Cha Maru from Godzilla vs. Heavy Metal (1998)
2. Ultraman Leo Main Theme by Makoto Kawaguchi from Ultraman Leo (1974)
3. Monster Zero US Trailer Audio (1970)
4. Monster Zero by King Geedorah from Take Me To Your Leader (2003)
5. Mothra Metal by Isao Bito from Mothra Song The Best (1998)

Legendary Godzilla Sequel planned for June of 2018
Godzilla 4k Cleanup
Godzilla 2014 DVD BluRay Release Date – Digital is out now
Godzilla Rulers of Earth #18 Chosen for Artists Edition
Godzilla Cataclysm Released
Godzilla PS3 Website
Rifftrax Godzilla
SHMA Mecha-King Ghidorah announced
Japanese X-Plus Lineup for September


9/12 – 9/14 Son Of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA
9/20 – 9/21 Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR
***( come to our panel on Saturday the 20th at 11am )
10/24 – 10/26 Chiller Theatre in Parsippany, NJ

Our next film is Toho’s Godzilla X Megaguirus from 2000. This is a movie I haven’t seen in a little while. I believe I’ll pick up the BluRay from Sony and we’ll watch that version for the episode. If you’d like to have your thoughts questions and reviews included in the discussion, make sure to have your homework turned in before September 22nd!