Breaking news for Toho's Godzilla series  with a new movie, August Ragone has more.

Big news straight from Japan’s Toho Co. Ltd. this week, folks! I’m sure many of you have heard the news about Toho’s announcement this past weekend about their plans for a new Godzilla movie. And that’s not all, Godzilla will be making an appearance on the rooftop of a Shinjuku hotel. Still want something cool, but maybe not as cool as a new movie? Godzilla’s finally going to be part of bar trivia history be being named the Guinness Book of World Record’s “Longest continuously running movie franchise” – not too shabby, right?

To discuss this in much more detail, I asked the author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master Of Monsters, August Ragone to elaborate on his article about this news (which you can read here). He goes into a lot of detail about announcement and the history surrounding some of these plans. August also speculates on some of the unknowns as well.

I closed this show out with one singular song. It’s a cover of the Blüe Oyster Cult’s Godzilla, performed by Fighter Ishida & GYM! Enjoy this bonus episode – we’ll be recording another standard episode tomorrow night!

The Japanese Godzilla Will Rise Again from The Good, The Bad & The Godzilla
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Images for the Godilla replica head in Shinjuku.

Images for the Godilla replica head in Shinjuku.