01.13.2015: Emergency Broadcast IV

The crew for our fourth live Emergency Broadcast: Bryan and Rachel, Hachi, Kyle, Jeff and Derek M. Koch from Monster Kid Radio.

The crew for our fourth live Emergency Broadcast: Bryan and Rachel, Hachi, Kyle, Jeff and Derek M. Koch from Monster Kid Radio.

If you missed our annual live episode on Sunday, here it is! The fourth annual Emergency Broadcast went very well and was a ton of fun to host. In addition to Kaijucast regulars Jeff, Bryan and Rachel, we invited friend, monster enthusiast and fellow podcaster Derek M. Koch to be a part of the program. Derek runs Monster Kid Radio, a fantastic show dedicated to the classic monster movie genre and he was on-hand to witness the insanity of one of our live episodes. Make sure to check out his podcast and live365 stream and everything else he’s doing!

In addition to our visiting Monster Kid, we spoke with John DeSentis, the conductor from this past summer’s IFUKUBE 100 concert during G-Fest XXI. John spoke to us about the event and about the kickstarter campaign‘s completion and what’s to come in the future.

Additionally, Jim Cironella joined us to discuss bringing Japanese guests to conventions and festivals around the world and what some of those upcoming events will be and who they will feature.

1. Old Kaijucast Intro featuring Mecha-King Ghidorah’s Theme from Godzilla Unleashed (2007)
2. Amazing Great Monster In Town from Rumbo De Japon (1990)
3. “What Are They Doing Now?” from Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster (1964)
4. Call Happiness by The Peanuts & Akira Ifukube from Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster (1964)
5. Nameless by King Ghidora from Age of Space EP (2013)
6. Godzilla 1985 Teaser
7. Godzilla 1985 – Godzilla Spotted In Tokyo Bay by Reijiro Koroku & Christopher Young (arranged by listener Nick)
8. Intro with Akira Ifukube & Main Titles from Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965)
9. Ultra Squad (TNT dub of Ultraseven)
10. Ultra Seven / Rawara, lyrics Hajime Tokyo, composer Toru Fuyuki from Ukulele Ultraman (2006)
11. King Kong vs. Godzilla Suite from The Godzilla Legend Chronology (1986)
12. Trendmasters Godzilla Commercial (1995)
13. Horror Holocaust Radio featuring Kyle (2008)
14. King Kong Escapes US Trailer (1967)
15. Gamera by The Moons (1965)
16. Godzilla! by Alexandre Desplat from Godzilla (2014)
17. Godzilla Snickers Comercial (2014)
18. AIP Terror Of Mechagodzilla Intro (1975)
19. Defeat Mechagodzilla by Beru-bera Lin and Masaru Satoh (1974)
20. Monster Zero battle (1965) -> Kaijucast Intro (2014)

1. The Destruction of Shibuya by Ko Otani from Gamera 3 (1999)
2. Gojira Suite from the Ifukube 100 Concert (2014)
3. Go! Go! Godzilla! by Susumu Ishikawa from Godzilla vs Gigan (1972)

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Toho’s Godzilla 2016 Graphic

Major congrats to our winners: “Ixious”, “Ranger Scott”, “Danny_D”, “Bizzy_C” and Mike Keller for winning our five prize packs! And congrats to Jase Short, Adam Jones and David Goodman for winning the drawings!

Don’t forget, folks – to be a part of the episode, your Ultraman The Next (2004) homework needs to be turned in no later than January 22nd!