06.15.2015: Riding the Rails of Insanity

Bryan, Rachel, Kyle and Jeff get loopy in this trainwreck of an episode.

Bryan, Rachel, Kyle and Jeff get loopy in this trainwreck of an episode.

We’re back with another hangout, conversational, yet-to-be-named-as-0f-this-recording, explicit episode because I’m so damn slammed with all of the things! That said, the episode that was originally slated for this sequential number designation (#143) will be released shortly… when the controller comes back up for air, of course.

Seriously though, you demanded it so this is what you get – two hours of me trying and failing to keep the train on the tracks….much like Ford Brody tried to do with the nuclear warhead in the 2014 Godzilla. I know, that’s a serious stretch. Maybe you can make some sense out of this installment of the podcast. We’ll probably be back a bit sooner for another one of these (post G-Fest wrapup, perhaps?) but for now, I hope you like hearing my cohosts cranked up to 11 because that’s what you’ll hear.

(included, but not limited to)
1. Officially naming these hangout episodes
2. Ultraman Ongoing Legal Thais/Ties
3. Updating the Daikaiju Discussion
4. New Home Ownership (seriously… super topical for our podcast)
5. Hail To The King Update
6. New podcastery for Kyle
7. Relatively Recent Box Days
8. G-Fest Listener Party* & Panels & a weird accent
9.  Hijinks galore and much, much more (I’m sure)

1. The Destruction of the Nuclear Power Plant by Reijiro Koroku from Godzilla Returns (1984)
2. Crash Course In Brain Surgery performed by Metallica from The $5.98 E.P. – Garage Days Re-Revisited (1987)
3. Senbonzakura by Wagakki from Vocalo Zanmai (2014)

Oh, one more thing, due to a crazy recoding thing that happened in the studio, this episode sounds a little strange – Jeff sounds like he’s one Skype, so I apparently need to teach him how to use a microphone. I should have it all back to normal and some recording sense slapped into El Jefe by the next recording.

*OH, AND ANOTHER “ONE MORE THING”:  Just a quick correction to the episode regarding G-Fest. Apparently, I assumed (yes, I know what happens) and was WRONG: the Symphonic Fury concert is actually on Friday night (thanks to VVeber for even bringing that to my attention!) so we will have the listener party on Saturday night of G-Gest after all.