12.31.2015: King Kong Escapes Daikaiju Discussion

Bryan, Dave, Rachel, Martin and Kyle talk about the Rankin Bass/Toho coproduction , King Kong Escapes (1967).

Bryan, Dave, Rachel, Martin and Kyle talk about the Rankin Bass/Toho coproduction , King Kong Escapes (1967).

Bryan, Rachel, Dave, Martin and Kyle  say goodbye to 2015 with an epic Daikaiju Discussion for the Toho/Rankin Bass co-production, King Kong Escapes. Overall, this didn’t fare too well with a couple of the cohosts tonight, but that’s their problem because the rest of us loved it! King Kong Escapes is a bit of a weirdo amongst it’s brethren kaiju films for a number of reasons and it was no surprise to us that it’s production and backstory were just as interesting as the film.

We don’t cover any news on this episode, per se, but I’ve included some links below that relate to some of our topics that were broached in our discussion. We had a lot of King Kong related music requests, so I’m happy to have honored a couple of them and also including some other requests. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did recording it!

1. King Kong by Tarantula Ghoul and her Gravediggers from Graveyard Rock (1958)
2. Doctor Who’s Last Moments by Akira Ifukube from King Kong Escapes (1967)
3. Stomp Tokyo by the Creeping Cruds from The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living And Became… (2007)
4. King Kong Escapes US Trailer (1968)
5. Eiyuno Uta (Opening Theme) by Alfee from Ultraman Ginga S (2014)
6. King Kong by Frank Zappa from Lumpy-Money Sessions (2009)

The King Kong Show – Cartoon Series Guide on Scifi Japan
Japan’s Handsome Gorilla
Scifi Japan’s Guide to Toho’s Go! Godman

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We are super excited to talk about our next discussion film, get ready for Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys (1999), the final piece in Shusuke Kaneko’s amazing kaiju trilogy. We’ll be watching the Mill Creek Entertainment blu ray that was released in 2011. If you’d like to be included in the episode, please make sure to turn in your homework before January 22nd.