02.19.2016: Giant Radioactive Yak Attack

Almost too many weirdos to fit in the frame, it's another Yak Attack episode!

Almost too many weirdos to fit in the frame, it’s another Yak Attack episode!

Jeff, Dave, Charles, Sean, Bryan AND Rachel join me for this explicit Yak Attack episode since I need more time to get the second Monster Music Mania episode done. I can’t remember the last time we had a group this big on the show and, I’ll be honest, it was more difficult to rein in the conversation but it was so good to hang with these guys again… hopefully you’ll enjoy it too!

1. Everybody Loves A Chubby Dude by Turbonegro from Retox (2007)

We don’t mention it in the episode, but there’s less than a week to send in your homework (the deadline is Wednesday, February 24th) for our Daikaiju Discussion of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994). Make sure to use our handy contact form to send us your thoughts, questions and reviews for the next discussion episode!