05.25.2016: 50 Years of Gamera Panel from G-Fest

Kyle and August Ragone attempt to plow through the entirety of Gamera’s history during G-Fest XXIII… can they do it??

This episode of the Kaijucast was recorded at last year’s G-Fest convention in Chicago, Illinois. August Ragone and I thought it would be a fun panel idea to go through the entirety of Gamera’s filmography (which at the time was just about 50 years old). By all accounts, we should have been able to do it, but (spoiler warning) we were only able to get through the Showa era’s films (1965 – 1980).

Also, I was unfortunately running around so much that I forgot to hit the record button before the actual panel started, but you’re in luck! Listener, fellow podcaster and generally awesome dude, Robert Wright-Stasko happened to record the whole thing from the audience. Thanks, Robert! Since this is a phone recording, we didn’t have the control over the audio, so expect some variances. 😉

Because this is just a panel, I only played some Gamera songs and kept it to the Showa era.

1. Gamera March/Theme Song by Shunsuke Kikuchi from Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)
2. (Another) Gamera Theme Song (Twist) by from Tadashi Yamauchi from Daikaiju Gamera (1965)

We’ll be back with another episode before the end of the month (I should probably start making my way through the backlog), but until then I hope you enjoy the panel recording!