08.23.2016: Rifftrax’ Mothra

Martin, Gretch, Clany and Kyle talk about the experience of watching Mothra in the theater thank to the Rifftrax treatment!

Martin, Gretchen, Clancy & Kyle talk about the experience of watching Mothra in the theater thank to the Rifftrax treatment!

This episode was (mostly) recorded after checking out the Rifftrax Mothra riffing on August 18th. I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of kaiju fans together to chat about the event. While we had a group of eight at the theater, only about half of us could hang out afterwards and discuss the film.

We also introduce a new voice in this episode – I’m not sure if she’ll be part of the show in the future, but my friend Gretchen joined us for the movie and the discussion. Huzzah for more ladies on the podcast!!

A word of warning, the discussion was recorded in a bar, very far from my audio safe space (aka the studio) so I did the best I could with that segment of the episode. Gomenasai!

1. Main Titles by Yuji Koseki from Mothra (1961)
2. Mothra by Atomship from The Crash of ’47 (2004)

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