08.30.2016: Reptilian Daikaiju Discussion

Ugh.... Reptilian.

Ugh…. Reptilian.

Oh boy.

I don’t remember who requested Reptilian to be added the Daikaiju Discussion list, but for those of you who did… here you go? That sure was a film almost.  Ok, seriously, this film is a 90s remake of the 1967 South Korean kaiju film, Yongary (which coincidentally has been released on Bluray somewhat recently). Let’s be honest, this was a really terrible film and definitely one that was made more bearable thanks to my cohosts for the episode Martin, Sean and Charlie.

1.  Terror Has Come Ashore by Yoko Ueno from Gamera The Brave (2006)
2. Preparations For Operation ‘Burial’ by Akira Ifukube from King Kong vs Godzilla (1962)
3. Reptilian English Trailer (2001)
4. Chikyu Kogeki Meirei by Akira Ifukube / Performed by Makoto Inoue from The Godzilla Legend Chronology (1984)

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Next month's discussion film, The Legend of Dinosaurs & Monster Birds

Next month’s discussion film, The Legend of Dinosaurs & Monster Birds

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10/28 – 10/30 Alien Con in Santa Clara, CA w/Haruo Nakajima, Kenpachiro Satsuma and Tsutomu Kitagawa

Next month, we’ll be discussing a Toei Film from 1977, Legend of Dinosaurs & Monster Birds. This movie is available on DVD but can be very expensive. If you’d like to be part of the daikaiju discussion, please send in your homework e to be included in the discussion episode.