12.31.2016: Dragon Wars Daikaiju Discussion

Will Kyle, Bryan, Rachel and Charles be consumed by the Imoogi??

What a way to send 2016 screaming into the past. Too bad this isn’t the year of the dragon because we are watching the South Korean fantastical monster epic, Dragon Wars: D-War (2007) for this Daikaiju Discussion. I was joined by Bryan, Rachel and Charles for this chat, and we got in some great reviews from the listeners as well.

1. Opening Titles by John Barry from King Kong (1976)
2. Arirang by Stephen Jablonsky from Dragon Wars: D-War (2007)
3. Dragon Wars Trailer Audio (2007)
4. Godzilla by Jimmy Castor (1980)
5. Ultra Seven 99 by Saishuu Shou 6 Busaku from Ultraseven 99 (1999)

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We here at the Kaijucast wish you all a Happy New Year — Akamashite omedetou!

See you in 2017, folks…