02.28.2017: Short Film Double Feature with Negadon & Gehara

Sean and Jeff join Kyle for  some quick entries into the kaiju genre with Negadon and Gehara!

Pop quiz, hot shots! Wait, that’s not right… more like surprise homework! I actually don’t think anyone noticed that the show notes in the last episode mentioned (very late) that we were pulling a double feature of two short kaiju films for this month’s discussion. But really, I completely spaced mentioning this during the chaos of the Emergency Broadcast AND the last episode with Derek! Hopefully you will hear this and say to yourself “Oh wow! These movies sound incredible – where, oh, where can a desperate kaiju fan find these mini masterpieces?” Read on, gentle listener….

NEGADON: MONSTER FROM MARS (2005) was an independently produced all CGI love letter to the Showa era kaiju films. The old website for Negadon is down (almost certainly forever) but you can see ScifiJapan’s coverage of the press release here.

Want to watch Negadon: Monster From Mars?

GEHARA: THE DARK & LONG HAIRED MONSTER (2009) was produced for an NHK series entitled Play TV: Perform! It was directed by Kiyotaka Takaguchi and is a very loving parody of the kaiju genre. Using modern day CGI effects mixed with traditional practical “suitmation” and miniatures, Gehara is an incredible romp that lampoons some of our favorite aspects of these films. The official website is in Japanese, but August Ragone’s blog, The Good, The Bad and The Godzilla had some pretty great information about the production of this short movie. It’s absolutely worth watching – speaking of… Want to watch Gehara: The Dark & Long Hair Monster?

Also make sure to check out Scifi Japan TV’s interview with Kiyotaki Takaguchi, Gehara’s director.

1. Destroy All Monsters (English Version) by 647F from Destroy All Monsters (2016)
2. Negadon Monster from Mars Japanese Trailer (2005)
3. Gehara The Dark & Long Haired Monster Japanese Trailer (2009)
4. Dream In True Color: The Sky in 2015 by Kenjiro Kato, Shingo Terasawa & Akane Yumoto from Negadon Monster from Mars (2005)

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3/24 – 3/26 MAD MONSTER PARTY SC Rock Hill, SC with Haruo Nakajima & Bin Furuya 

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7/14 – 7/16 G-FEST XXIV in Rosemont, IL with composer Michiru Oshima, artist Yuiji Kaida, director Shinji Higuchi & suit actor Ryuki Kitaoka

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