09.29.2017: The Last Dinosaur Daikaiju Discussion

The Last Dinosaur draws a big crowd, I guess??

I don’t exactly know what happened here. What was it about The Last Dinosaur (1977) that compelled a fully packed Kaijucast HQ tonight? Maybe my co-hosts are drawn to the smell of cheese… Anyway, I was joined by Adam, Jeff, Clancy, Sean, Gretchen AND Rachel for this discussion — and it was a doozy! Perhaps your mileage may vary, but we made sure to enjoy ourselves during this one. The Last Dinosaur is such a bizarre entry in the genre and even after saying that,  I don’t actually think I’d really classify this as a kaiju film – kind of in the same way I wouldn’t normally consider the American made King Kong movies to be kaiju fare.

In addition to the news, there were a lot of catastrophic events to talk about, so check out all of these tasty show notes below!

1. Escape from the Dinosaur by Akira Ifukube from Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)
2. The Last Dinosaur (1977) Japanese trailerOctober's Dakaiju Discussion film, Deep Sea Monster Raiga (2009) by Shinpei Hayashiya.
3. Main theme by Nancy Wilson, Jules Bass & Bernard Hoffer from The Last Dinosaur (1977)

Official Godzilla Store set to open in Shinjuku
Godzilla Monster Planet vs. Hello Kitty (Merchandising tie-in)
Legendary Pictures’ posts Rise Up campaign images for Pacific Rim: Uprising
Scifi Japan presents tribute to Haruo Nakajima
Toho Frankenstein figure coming from Bandai Premium [Preorder via AmokTime] [Gaira via AmokTime]
SH MonsterArts Spacegodzilla & Little Godzilla repaints
City Shrouded In Shadow update from Bandai Namco
Hulu announces Godzilla’s Return!
Summit Kaiju’s social network launches!
Little Jira Kickstarter Campaign

10/5 – Steve Ryfle w/Alonso Duralde at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, CA
10/13 – Ed Godzisewski at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago, IL
10/14 – Steve Ryfle at the Little Tokyo Public Library in Los Angeles, CA
10/19 – LOCAL EVENT! KWAIDAN at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR
10/20 – 10/22  — Grand Rapids Comic Con with Tom Kitagawa & Mizuho Yoshida
10/23 – Steve Ryfle with Mothra & The H-Man: Homage to Ishiro Honda at FILM FORUM in New York, NY
10/27 – 10/29 — Chiller Theatre with Linda Miller, Linda Haynes and Carl Craig in Parsippany, NJ

Our next movie will be Shinpei Hayashiya’s kaiju comedy The Deep-Sea Monster Raiga (2009) — his follow up to his 2005 indie film Deep Sea Monster Reigo! Now this is one of the few movies that I put on this list that is not available commercially in the USA, but it was released in Japan. If you have the film and would like to send in your thoughts, questions and reviews for the discussion, please submit your homework before October 21st!