01.31.2018: Godzilla vs Gigan Daikaiju Re-Discussion

Clancy, Rachel, Kyle & Gretchen revisit Godzilla vs. Gigan in this episode!

We’ve returned to our roots with this discussion, which is part of a year-long “rehash” of some of the movies we’ve already discussed on the podcast. Oh man, it feels like AGES since we’ve actually covered a Godzilla film — this is of course not exactly true because we recently watched Shin Godzilla and I’m pretty sure we covered the hell out of that one! Seriously, though, I am very happy to take another look at some of these older films again.

We originally covered Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972) back in episode fifteen in 2010 – it was only our third discussion on the podcast! For this up-to-date episode, I was joined by Clancy, Gretchen and Rachel to watch  and discuss this classic entry in the Godzilla series. Make sure to stick around after the discussion for some news, catastrophic events and housekeeping announcements!

1. Defeat Gigan by Susumu Ishikawa from the Godzilla Rock album (1972)
2. Godzilla On Monster Island TV Spot audio (1977)
3. Megaloman by Battleroar from Battleroar (2003)

Bandai announces MASSIVE Premium Godzilla Anime
Tsuburaya Pro Launches KAIJU MUSUME 6 Restaurant in Tokyo
Ultraman Geed The Movie is coming
Ultraman Orb the Chronicle recently broadcast in Japan
Ultraman Anime in the works for 2019
Mazinger Z Infinity is being theatrically released in the States
–> And we are going to a local screening in the Portland area!

4/13 – 4/15 Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA welcomes Tsutomu Kitagawa, Bin Furuya & Shinji Nishikawa
7/14 – 9/2  Tokusatsu of DNA Exhibition in Akashi City, Japan

Kaiju Corps FB Group is Live
Our next Emergency Broadcast will happen on February 25th!

I’m sure many, many of us have already seen Godzilla Monster Planet (2017) because it was added to Netflix on January 17th – I know I was glued to my laptop first thing that morning. Since this episode is being posted much later, I think you’ve all had the perfect amount of time to formulate your opinions about it. We’d love to hear them, but again since this is a brand new movie, we assume we are going to get a LOT of submissions. Please try to keep your thoughts, questions and reviews concise and on target, listeners – thanks! The due date is February 23rd, please use our handy contact form to send in your homework.