06.28.2018: Wrath of Daimajin Daikaiju Re-Discussion

In this episode Rachel, Gretchen and Kyle brave the Wrath of Daimajin!

Join us for a deeper look into the final Daimajin film of 1966: Wrath of Daimajin. We originally spoke about this in episode #14 (so very long ago) and it was only our second ever Daikaiju Discussion!

For kaiju eiga (cinema) , the 1966 Daimajin trilogy is a bit of an enigma. All three films were released by Daiei, the same company that made the Showa era Gamera flicks, and are unique among other kaiju films in that they are set in the Sengoku era (Japan’s “Age of warring states”). We’re talking about the 1400s here, so there is no standard city destruction in the trilogy and the beast is bascially fighting samurai ( I know, I know… they aren’t all samurai, but I digress…). Sure, you’ll get some classic Japanese-style  architecture brought down by the titular titan, but they are far from the skyscrapers of modern kaiju films.  All three of the films are essentially revenge movies – definitely not something you’d see in the Godzilla series!

Also, do you consider Daimajin a kaiju? Or are you a little more strict and identify this vengeful god as a kaijin?

Check out how similar this doll of a 4th century Japanese warrior looks like Daimajin! (Source: MyArmoury.com)

In addition to talking specifically about this film with Rachel and Gretchen, I wanted to share as much of this film’s history as I could both with my cohosts and our fabulous listeners, so we all hope you enjoy this episode.

Only a smidge of music was played in this episode but make sure to check out the following awesomeness about Daimajin:

1. Daimajin Goes to Hell Valley by Akira Ifukube from Wrath of Daimajin (1966)
2. Death of the Golden Sun by Akira Ifukube from Wrath of Daimajin (1966)
3. Wrath of Daimajin by Cianide from Cianide/Coffin split (2007)

Please check out the awesome article Daiei’s Idol of Terror: DAIMAJIN, The Avenging God by Ed Godzisewski
Want to know more about Daimajin Kanon (2010)? Check out the SciFi Japan Series Guide!!
Daimajin Kanon is on Youtube & subbed (all except episode 21 for some reason)
Back in 2008 Takashi Miike was tapped for a Daimajin reboot (that never came to be)

Since we’re *guessing* that Netflix is going to add Godzilla City On The Edge of Battle to their streaming service next month, but we cannot be sure, we’re going to have a pre-requisite for our homework in July. If Netflix doesn’t add the new Godzilla Anime to their library, we’ll turn to 1989’s Godzilla vs Biollante for our homework assignment. Either way, please make sure to send in your homework before July 27th to be included in the next daikaiju discussion episode!

Your move, Netflix…. give us a date!!!