08.15.2018: Godzilla Suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma at G-Fest 25

Kyle sits down with Godzilla suit actor (Heisei era 1984-1995) and Robert Scott Field at G-FEST 25. [Photo credit: Robert Moreno]

Wow…seriously. I never thought I’d ever be able to type this out:

This episode marks the fourth appearance of Godzilla suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma¬†on the Kaijucast. I feel incredibly lucky to have interviewed this legendary stuntman a whopping total (so far) of three times — and he appeared on a panel recording from Monster Mania in 2016. Since Satsuma’s career has been covered in bits and pieces in previous episodes, I totally went into this panel thinking that we would probably hear several stories again. How wrong I was! Satsuma-san knows how to tell a story, so I invite you to listen to his story of how he got his start as an actor.

Maybe I should just keep inviting him back as many times as possible. (we all know the correct response there… DO IT!)

Satsuma first appeared in episode 118 and then a shorter interview was posted as episode 188. This time around, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to moderate Satsuma’s panel at last month’s G-FEST 25 and this episode is the audio from that panel.

Major thanks to the staff at G-Fest for their assistance in arranging this panel – also to Robert Scott Field for providing translation and a little commentary during the interview.

1. Godzilla Goes Flying by Riichiro Manabe from Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971)
2. The Destruction Of The Nuclear Power Plant by Reijiro Koroku from The Return of Godzilla (1984)

This panel, in video format, on the Kaijucast Youtube channel
Watch Satsuma give a lesson on Godzilla acting (only in Japanese)
Satsuma gives a lesson to the Godzillas at G-Fest 25 (from FB)

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