01.06.2019: DNA of Tokusatsu Exhibit Recap & News Catchup

Gretchen and Kyle discuss the DNA of Tokusatsu Exhibit happening now in Tokyo, and follow that discussion up with a long overdue amount of news coverage.

We here at the Kaijucast all hope you had a nice holiday break and a happy new year celebration! I just returned from Japan and sat down with Gretchen to chat about the recent exhibit that opened in Tokyo, the DNA of Tokusatsu.

The exhibit was absolutely amazing and I’ve uploaded a gallery to the Kaijucast Facebook page so you can see the awesomeness for yourself, if you’d like.


Make sure to stick around after the list of tracks played during this episode for a comprehensive list of links, as mentioned in this episode.

Make sure to tune into our Emergency Broadcast next week!

1.Main Title by Bukimisha Weird Secret Society from GOUKAI Na GOJIRA (2000)
2. The Skeleton Of Godzilla by Michiru Oshima from Godzilla x Mechagodzilla (2002)
3. Audio Clip “The two monsters must battle” from King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)
4. King Kong Vs. Godzilla I by Akira Ifukube from King Kong vs Godzilla (1962)

Godzilla King of the Monsters Trailer
Godzilla vs. King Kong Begins Filming
Godzilla: The Planet Eater debuts on Netflix January 9th
Godzilla: The Planet Eater Press Notes & Photos from Toho on Scifi Japan
Godzilla’s History in Animation on Scifi Japan
Crayon Shin Chan vs Shin Godzilla
Crunchyroll Article re: Shin Chan & Godzilla
Godzilla’s 64th Birthday Celebration
NECA Godzilla 1962 Release Information
SH MonsterArts Godzilla 1962 Release Information
Godzilla 1994 Graphic Novel
Ultraman Anime on Netflix
Bookmark this if you’re a Netflix User
SSSS.Gridman on Crunchyroll
A Crash Course in SSSS.Gridman (Youtube video)
Ultraman Ultra Heroes Expo
Ultraman Archives via Scifi Japan
Eiji Tsuburaya Museum Opens Soon
Ultra Jet to Okinawa!
Kaiju Step promotion for Kids
Redman Volume 2 out soon!
Toei’s Gyaras: Monster District Series Trailer
More information about Gyaras
Great Buddha Arrival Project
Great Buddha Arrival Trailer

12/20 – 01/27 DNA of Tokusatsu Exhibition in Kamata, Japan
12/21 – 01/27  Ultraman Music Cafe in Tokyo, Japan
01/01 – 01/22 Godzilla Strawberry Lunch in Tokyo, Japan
01/25 – 01/27 Days of the Dead Atlanta  welcomes Bin Furuya & Tsutomu Kitagawa in Atlanta, Georgia

We’re doing it again! The 8th Annual Emergency Broadcast will take place in one week, on January 13th and we’ve revealed our first three guests: Matt Frank, Kevin Derendorf, and a special mission report from Monster Attack Team Magazine’s Ed Holland on his visit to the Tsuburaya museum. As usual, we’ll be broadcasting this episode live, with a chat room for the listeners to hang out in (and answer prize-pack winning trivia questions). All the details can be found here.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Brent Young, a fellow kaiju enthusiast who was taken from us too soon.

Listener Scott Martin and Kyle with the late, great Brent Young. You will be missed, my friend.