02.26.2018: Japan Wrap up with David Dopko

David and Kyle recap the rest of their trip to the land of the Rising Sun earlier this month.

Another episode to wrap up our adventures in Japan. In our last episode, we talked about our Hokkaido and the first half of our time in Kyoto. For this episode, we flesh out the remainder of our trip, now that we’ve returned to the US. Part one of our adventure can be found here.

As we mentioned in the last episode, we were in Japan for a two week vacation, and while most of what we did has no connection to Godzilla or his rubber suited foes, listeners traveling to Japan for their own excursions might be interested to hear about some of the shopping we did in Tokyo or especially our trip to Sukagawa in the Fukushima prefecture in order to visit the Tsuburaya Museum – complete with the full Shodai-Goji suit sculpted by Yuji Sakai and used for a short that you can only watch in the museum, which was awesome and we cover it pretty exhaustively in this episode.

In fact, this is much less like a “Mini-sode” since this chat clocks in at about two hours – but look at all of the stuff we talk about!

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Kyoto: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Kyoto: Togetsu-ky? Bridge via woodblock and on Google Maps
Tokyo Kaiju Shopping? Here are some helpful locations:
Nakano Broadway in Nakano and on Google Maps
Godzilla Ya in Koenji and on Google Maps
Godzilla Store in Shinjuku and on Google Maps
Mandarake in Shibuya on Google Maps
Day Trip from Tokyo: Sukagawa Ultraman Road
Day Trip from Tokyo: Sukagawa Citizens Exchange Center’s Tete Building and on Google Maps
Day Trip from Tokyo: Tsuburaya Museum Website
Stars & Stripes Coverage of the Tsuburaya Museum
Where Kyle gets his Rail Pass online
Tokyo: Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa and on Google Maps
Tokyo: Asakusa
Tokyo: Kappabashi Street
Tokyo: Kappa Shrine in Asakusa
Tokyo: Harajuku’s Takeshita Street
Tokyo: Mame Shiba & Owl Forest Cafe (there’s one in Kyoto too)

1. Lizard King by the Groovie Ghoulies from Monster Club (2003)