04.17.2019: Rectifying Reptilicus with Jim Cirronella

Gretchen, Rachel, Martin and Kyle get schooled by Reptilicus enthusiast Jim Cirronella!

If you’re looking at this episode title and thinking to yourself “wait a minute… didn’t they already talk about this flick??” the answer is YES! But as it stands, I was coerced into asking So yeah… we didn’t like REPTILICUS the first time around and a friend of mine needed to school us on the film’s background, which is honestly what we want to put forth in our discussions. So we said yes.

This episode’s special guest is a friend of the Kaijucast and the manager of Celebrity Icons, Jim Cirronella, who has a profound amount of respect for Reptilicus’ producer Sid Pink, and has even entered into business with him by acquiring the license to release his own Reptilicus figure.

1. Tivoli Nights by Birthe Wilke from Reptilicus (1961)

Kyle found the Danish Reptilicus song by Dirch Passer
Who was Dirk Passer? via Euro Channel
The original Reptilicus poster from AIP’s release
The original Danish Poster artwork
The super-slick Italian poster
Club Daikaiju/M1 Toys’ Reptilicus figure

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Kaijucast X Anniversary by Tom Whalen