CONTEST: Meme of the Monsters Challenge!


That’s right, people – it’s contest time again!!

One of the best things about Godzilla movies is how fun they can be, so we’re inviting our listeners to send in their best, funniest and funnest moments of their own kaiju-filled lives – or from the legacy of Godzilla’s films, in the format of the classic meme.

We don’t care how you make the meme, (either thru your own app/software or one of the online meme generators out there) but we all want to LOL at your creation.

Below are some examples – and NO, Clancy will NOT be allowed to enter the contest ?

This contest runs from Friday, May 30th thru Monday June 30th. The winners will be announced on the podcast, immediately followed by social media posts.

Don’t forget to go see Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla King of the Monsters, opening in theaters everywhere on May 31: SUMMER STARTS NOW

Head over to the contest page now for all the details!