06.15.2019 G-Fest Prepisode

Once again, it’s time to release the G-fest Hype Beast!

Holy smokes, you guys, the world’s biggest annual festival of kaiju is coming up and coming in fast! Gretchen joined me to build a little hype for the convention that’s taking place next month in Chicago, Illinois (Rosemont, actually) G-FEST XXVI. We’re super excited for her to experience the awesomeness, so we hope you enjoy hearing us talk about what’s going on at the show next month!

1. Mothra’s Song conducted by Michiru Oshima from Godzilla Tokyo SOS (2003)
2. Destroy All Monsters Promo from the Sci-Fi Channel
3. ULTRA 7 by Katokutai Band from Kaiki To Seigi (2018)
4. Monster Mash (Bonus Track) by Henry Jackman from Kong: Skull Island (2017)

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For Those Who Wish to Note the Kaijucast Panels:
Friday July 12:
4pm [DOJO STUDIOS] Dream Planet Kawakita Interview

Saturday July 13:
10am [BALLROOM 2] Akira Takarada Interview
11am [BALLROOM 2] Shusuke Kaneko Interview
1pm [DOJO STUDIOS] Takuji Yamada Interview
3pm [BALLROOM 2] Kaijucast Live Talk Show

SUNDAY July 14
2pm [BALLROOM 2] Collect All Monsters episode

New T-Shirt of the Month: Daimajin by Gruesomgrphx
It’s Terrible I Love It Podcast

We are handing out the final homework assignment for the daikaiju discussion segment and it’s for the brand new Legendary Pictures Monsterverse epic, Godzilla King of the Monsters. We know that just about every Godzilla fan is going to get out there and see this as soon as they are able, and we expect a lot of you to send in your homework – here’s some extra credit for you: what was your favorite moment from the movie? Please have your homework turned in by June 21st to have it included in the episode.