09.19.2019: Monarch Science Declassified Panel from Rose City Comic Con 2019

Jeff, Kyle, Gretchen and Rachel after our presentation at Rose City Comic Con 2019!

Once again, the Kaijucast stomps through Portland’s own pop culture extravaganza, Rose City Comic Con

This episode serves up the audio from our presentation at the convention: Release the Kaiju with my co-hosts playing the role of Monarch Outpost researchers and scientists… just a little fun with the subject matter. Obviously none of us work for an organization that tracks and studies titans across the world! 

After the panel, stick around to find out what other shenanigans the crew was up to during the convention! 

Oh, here’s that definitive list of our panels from the life of Rose City Comic Con:
2013 The Kaiju of Pacific Rim
2014 Godzilla vs Everything
2016 Monster Oddities
2017 Expanding the Legendary Monsterverse
2018 How Godzilla Got His Groove Back
2019 Release the Kaiju (or Mega Fauna Co-Existence and You)

Hope to see you there next year!


1. Welcome to Monarch by Bear McCreary from Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019) 
2. Mothra vs. We Are Scientists by We Are Scientists from Safety, Fun, and Learning (in That Order) (2002)

Since we had such a great time talking about things you should see from the con, check these photos out!

Party Times

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The official Kaijucast Listener Party at Killer Burger

Thanks for coming out to our panel this year, and if you missed it, we hope to see you next year!