Here at the Kaijucast, we love hearing from our listeners. Essentially, this show is by Godzilla fans and for Godzilla fans, so getting feedback is always welcome. I used to be a lot better at getting back to you all, too. But since the listenership has grown and my email address has been getting more attention, I am finding myself having trouble getting back to everyone. So instead of just giving out the email address, feel free to contact me through this form. Huzzah for technology!

Some things to keep in mind for the submission form below.

DAIKAIJU DISCUSSIONS: You may have noticed that we have been getting a lot more submissions as of late. I don’t really want to set a character count on the form so there’s really no need to write an entire dissertation on the merits of any particular film. Best to keep your review short and to the point – especially to save the vocal chords of our co-hosts who may have to read your homework. Bonus points for changing your first person review to the third before sending. 😉

MUSIC REQUEST: On the podcast, we will only play kaiju-related music. If we have somewhat recently played a song, we typically will not play that again for about a year. This of course is subject to the whims of the controller. If you are requesting a non-soundtrack song, it must be “clean” and fit for this family friendly program (example: I will never play Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says on the podcast). The Kaijucast has access to a lot of music, but there’s no guarantee that every kaiju song in history is stored away in the HQ; we may not be able to accommodate your request.



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