What is the Kaijucast T-Shirt of the Month Club?
That's right! No fees! No dues! It's just a name for fun. The T-Shirt of the Month Club is just a program developed by the Kaijucast to release some high quality limited edition, screen-printed and excellently designed t-shirts celebrating the podcast, giant radioactive monsters from Japan and our love of of the genre!

Shirt designs will only be printed once - so if you really want to make sure you get one, you've got to pre-order it! Sizes and quantities will be exteememly limited once the preorders are filled.

Kaijucast by Nev Kaijucast 10th Anniversary Shirt Daimajin by Nev> King Of The Monsters Collab by MyKaiju/Kaijucast>
Shirt #2 Shirt #2 Shirt #2 Shirt #2

"Thanks for checking out the club. And remember, I'm not just the president of the Kaijucast T-shirt of the Month Club, I'm also a client!"

-Kyle (Kaijucast Controller)