09.13.2013: Interview with Godzilla Author Steve Ryfle

Kyle and Jeff are joined by Steve Ryfle to talk about his work Godzilla books, DVDs and more!

Kyle and Jeff are joined by Steve Ryfle to talk about his work Godzilla books, DVDs and more!

Sometimes we record something and I sit on that recording (let’s hypothetically say “an interview”) for way too long. This episode features one such interview. While Jeff and I were down in Burbank for Monsterpalooza in April, we were psyched to have Godzilla author and film historian Steve Ryfle sit down with us for an interview about his work. It was a great time and Steve really opened up, discussing his work on the Classic Media, Sony and Media Blasters DVD releases. He also discussed the upcoming book co-written with Ed Godziszewski about the life of Ishiro Honda. Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to Steve’s tales as much as we did.

There is a pretty big news announcement regarding Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla this month and this time, I was the one with the scoop! It was pretty cool and I’m really quite happy with the results, even though I was strongly asked to remove the image. It’s definitely out there and I really have to give major thanks to Fernando from Brazil for the photo! Check out the story down below.

1. Ultraman Leo Theme song by Tohru Fuyuki from Ultraman Leo (1974)
2. Godzilla vs. Gabara by Kuniyo Miyauchi from Godzilla’s Revenge (1969)
3. Search March from Frankenstein Conquers The World performed by the Bukimisha Weird Secret Society
4. Godzilla 1985 End Titles mashup by both Reijiro Koroku & Christopher Young (mashed together by Nick)

Legendary Godzilla Image leaked from Brazillian Licensing Expo
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