07.31.2015: News Roundup

Enough news to warrant its own episode! Including a slick new CGI Ultraman was teased this month!

Enough news to warrant its own episode, including a slick new CGI Ultraman was teased this month!

It’s an all news episode! I knew that the Pulgasari Daikaiju Discussion was going to run really long if we were to tack the news onto it, so we split the episode in two. I think it makes more sense to do this but I’m a weirdo sometimes. Please let me know if this is a better option than a nearly three hour podcast (because that’s what we would have been looking at!).

There have been so many kaiju-related things happening these days, and we don’t even cover all of them in this episode. Perhaps it’s best to consider these the cherry picked stories. After listening to the episode, if any of these piqued your interests, make sure you check out the links in the show notes below — and go watch Hail To The King if you haven’t yet!

1. Ultraman X Theme song by Takao Konishi from Ultraman X (2015)
2. Ultraman Theme by Project DMM from Ultraman Oldies (2002)

Godzilla In Hell Issue #2 preview on ScifiJapan
Ultraman X Premieres in Japan and on CrunchRoll
“Ultraman N/A” CGI 50th Teaser (and August Ragone’s comments)
Google’s Tsuburaya Birthday Doodle
Bandai Namco’s Godzilla Game has been released (and we dig it)
Hail to the King: 60 Years of Destruction has been released!
Shout! Factory’s Kaiju Movie Marathon (hosted by August Ragone) was incredibly cool!
Attack On Titan LA Premiere (via AnimeNewsNetwork)
Funimation will be distributing Attack On Titan in the US
Kodoja available through Diamond Comics’ Preview Magazine

Alex Vasquez’ POPZILLA Crossover art book

9/19 – 9/20 Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR (massive Kaijucast invasion)