10.16.2015: Kaiju News Special!


Semi-Breaking news,¬†Kaiju fiends! We’ve got a crazy stockpile of monstrous¬†news and we’ve been sitting on it for waaaaaaay too long! Jeff and I cover the following items in this episode for your edu-tainment:

Legendary Announces Godzilla vs. King Kong for 2020
Gamera Proof-of-concept Trailer premieres at NYCC
Toho’s new Godzilla film, Shin Godzilla in production & cast announcement
Pacific Rim 2 postponed or delayed or canceled?
Shout Factory’s Gamera Kaiju Marathon starts tomorrow! Tune in!

We might be back really soon (hopefully with another Yak Attack) but don’t forget that our Yokai spook-tacular continues with our Daikaiju Discussion film, The Great Yokai War (2005). If you’d like to send in your homework (aka your thoughts, questions and reviews), please make sure to do that before October 23rd to be included in the discussion episode!