12.14.2019: Operation Final Kaijucast

The Kaijucast Finale features nothing but Kyle and his cohosts – like almost all of them!

This final mission will decide the fate of the human race… this is Operation Final Kaijucast!

Welcome to a bittersweet episode release: the final episode of the Kaijucast.

For this finale, I wanted as many cohosts as possible to get an one last opportunity to interact and say goodbye (or ja mataa) to our listeners.

There’s not a lot of Godzilla chatter in this episode, just a bunch of my favorite nerds talking about the podcast and what it’s been like to be part of this experience; this qualifies as a Yak Attack, but I’ve bleeped the few instances where we might have dipped into the “explicit” category. Now everyone can listen!

I want to thank the cohosts, those that listened to the episode live and every single person who has supported the Kaijucast in one form or another over the past ten years.  

1. Monsterman by DEVO from Monsterman (2012) 
2. “Major Spielberg” audio clip from Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991)
3. The Giant Fang by Kow Otani from Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack (2001)
4. “Go Go of One Million” audio clip from Godzilla vs the Smog Monster (1971)
5. Mothra Metal by Isao Bito from Mothra Song The Best (1998)
6. Monster From A Prehistoric Planet Trailer Audio (1967)
7. Monsters Over Tokyo by Famous Monsters from Around the World in 80 Bikinis (1999)
8. “Red Dots are decreasing” audio clip from Godzilla vs Monster Zero (1965)
9. Destroy All Monsters AIP Trailer (1968)
10. Main Theme performed by the Bukimisha Weird Secret Society from Daring Daimajin (2006)
11. Gammera the Invincible Trailer (1965)
12. Stomp Tokyo by the Creeping Cruds from The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living & Became… (2005)
13. Ending / Raymond Burr’s Monologue clip from Godzilla 1985 (1985)

It’s been a helluva decade… THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE MONSTER MEMORIES!

The stunning Rodan painting by Bob Eggleton, a gift from the cohosts to the controller, who might have gotten a little choked up in this live and final episode.