Kaiju Con-Line

Mark your calendars, Monster Kids! Due to the cancellation of conventions and festivals around the globe, several dedicated daikaiju fans have joined forces to create a new event for the monster masses.

KAIJU CON-LINE is a free “virtual” event being held on July 11th & 12th, the same weekend that would have hosted the annual gathering of Godzilla fanatics in Chicago; once that cancellation was announced, a clawful of motivated monster fiends converged to form this online convention that kaiju enthusiasts from around the world can enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

The Kaiju Con-Line website will act as a hub to connect those fans to kaiju-centric activities, including the virtual show floor with a curated list of kaiju sellers, video programming including a monstrous series of panels and presentations broadcast live all weekend. The Artist Alley gallery will dazzle attendees with beautiful monster imagery – and if you like what you see from a particular creator, make sure to check out their web store and stream schedule for live art demos. Additional galleries have been curated by our kaiju cosplay team, kaiju model kit builders, kaiju toy photographers – the list goes on because more fun features are being added every day until the event kicks off on the morning of July 11th. And as a tribute to the Festival that will be missed, we have a special video retrospective streaming all weekend and a massive photo gallery of memories from that convention.

Our goal is to bring the kaiju convention to you! Please see more details on the Kaiju Con-line website at www.kaijuconline.com and we look forward to sharing this experience with you!