02.10.2018: Kyle-san the Kaiju Otaku Salaryman

Kyle recaps some of his recent adventures to and in Tokyo!

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this rainy port aboard this Airbus A319!

That’s right, this episode is all about my trip to Japan last month. I was there for work, but found plenty of time outside of office hours to pop around the city, finding all sorts of kaiju goodness. I actually piggybacked this recording with the last Daikaiju Discussion (for Godzilla vs Gigan), so I had a captive audience: Clancy, Gretchen and Rachel are on hand to help me not sound like a crazy person… crazier than the average kaiju fiend in the land of giant monsters. Tune in if you’re keen to hear about said adventures!

Additionally, we have things to share below (and at the beginning of the show)!

1. Preparations For Operation ‘Burial’ by Akira Ifukube from Ostinato (1986)
2. Main Theme (from Wrath of Daimajin) by the Bukimisha Weird Secret Society from Heroic Daimajin (2006)

My livestream of my first visit to the Official Godzilla Store
Our FANVASION episode from last year

02/21 Steve Ryfle at the Japan Society of New York
04/13 – 04/16 Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA w/Bin Furuya, Tsutomu Kitagawa & Shinji Nishikawa
-> *Plus we will be having a listener party one evening!

Listen to the episode for information about our next Kaijucast group trip to Japan!

We’re getting everything prepped for our 7th Annual Emergency Broadcast! Listen live as we interview special guests, talk about awesome stuff, give away prizes and more! Keep your eyes on these two links: BROADCAST & FB EVENT

I failed to mention this during my intro, but we are going to be covering the new anime Godzilla Monster Planet (2018) for our next Daikaiju Discussion. I’m looking forward to seeing what the listeners have to say about this new – and very different- entry in the Godzilla series! If you’d like to submit your homework for the film, make sure to send in your thoughts, questions and reviews for the discussion episode before Friday, February 21st!



01.31.2018: Godzilla vs Gigan Daikaiju Re-Discussion

Clancy, Rachel, Kyle & Gretchen revisit Godzilla vs. Gigan in this episode!

We’ve returned to our roots with this discussion, which is part of a year-long “rehash” of some of the movies we’ve already discussed on the podcast. Oh man, it feels like AGES since we’ve actually covered a Godzilla film — this is of course not exactly true because we recently watched Shin Godzilla and I’m pretty sure we covered the hell out of that one! Seriously, though, I am very happy to take another look at some of these older films again.

We originally covered Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972) back in episode fifteen in 2010 – it was only our third discussion on the podcast! For this up-to-date episode, I was joined by Clancy, Gretchen and Rachel to watch  and discuss this classic entry in the Godzilla series. Make sure to stick around after the discussion for some news, catastrophic events and housekeeping announcements!

1. Defeat Gigan by Susumu Ishikawa from the Godzilla Rock album (1972)
2. Godzilla On Monster Island TV Spot audio (1977)
3. Megaloman by Battleroar from Battleroar (2003)

Bandai announces MASSIVE Premium Godzilla Anime
Tsuburaya Pro Launches KAIJU MUSUME 6 Restaurant in Tokyo
Ultraman Geed The Movie is coming
Ultraman Orb the Chronicle recently broadcast in Japan
Ultraman Anime in the works for 2019
Mazinger Z Infinity is being theatrically released in the States
–> And we are going to a local screening in the Portland area!

4/13 – 4/15 Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA welcomes Tsutomu Kitagawa, Bin Furuya & Shinji Nishikawa
7/14 – 9/2  Tokusatsu of DNA Exhibition in Akashi City, Japan

Kaiju Corps FB Group is Live
Our next Emergency Broadcast will happen on February 25th!

I’m sure many, many of us have already seen Godzilla Monster Planet (2017) because it was added to Netflix on January 17th – I know I was glued to my laptop first thing that morning. Since this episode is being posted much later, I think you’ve all had the perfect amount of time to formulate your opinions about it. We’d love to hear them, but again since this is a brand new movie, we assume we are going to get a LOT of submissions. Please try to keep your thoughts, questions and reviews concise and on target, listeners – thanks! The due date is February 23rd, please use our handy contact form to send in your homework.


01.09.2018: Becoming Ultraman with Bin Furuya

Kyle sits down with the Man of Ultra! Veteran tokusatsu actor Bin Furuya talks about his career and being one of Japan’s biggest unseen pop-culture icons, the original Ultraman.

This episode is ULTRA awesome because we have the actor who played the original Ultraman on the podcast to talk about his acting career. Satoshi “Bin” Furuya not only played the original hero from a distant planet land in Ultraman (1966), he played both Ragon and Kemur-seijin in Ultra Q (1966), the Ultra Garrison’s Amagi in Ultraseven (1967) and a number of smaller roles in Toho’s tokusatsu films!

Thinking about the first time I was able to meet Furuya-san, it’s kind of crazy to imagine seeing this man so many times in the United States. I believe my first sighting was at G-Fest in 2012, then again at Monsterpalooza in 2013, San Francisco’s Fear FestEvil and Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose, both in 2014 — the point is that I’ve seen a lot of this living legend and now I’m ecstatic that I was able to spend so much time learning about his life during his appearance at Japan World Heroes last year. I hope you enjoy it as well!

1. Theme Song by Kuniyo Miyauchi from Ultraman (1966)
2. Ultraman’s Theme by Kuniyo Miyauchi from Ultraman (1966)

Katakutai Band’s Ultraman No Uta Music Video with Bin Furuya

Our Daikaiju Re-Discussion will take another look at one of my favorite films, Godzilla vs. Gigan from 1972! If you’d like to take this opportunity to get your homework turned in for the film, please make sure you send that in before January 25th to have your thoughts, questions and reviews for the discussion episode.

New Year’s Resolution? More Videos!

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Time to dive back into it. I know it’s been over two years since I last published anything on Youtube, but I’ve been slowly making my way back onto the platform and mapping out my goals for creating and sketching out ideas for future videos!

For anyone who wants to know what youtubers I was referring to, check out:
Simon and Martina
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Sharla in Japan
Rachel and Jun

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12.26.2017: Reptilicus Daikaiju Discussion

Mart, Kyle, Gretchen and Rachel cover Reptilicus (1961), the final movie in the Daikaiju Discussion list (version 1, that is)!

And another year closes with the discussing of a movie, but that’s not all this episode represents – ladies and gentlemen, we have now covered all NINETY films from the daikaiju discussion list. Episode 222 (that’s this one) marks the end of an eight-year project… kind of hard to believe, but things aren’t over for our movie watching and talking. Are you all ready for the next round of homework assignments? See below!

This month, we watched Reptilicus (1961), a Danish/American giant monster on the loose co-production. Trying to see past the flaws was difficult at times, but I think we overall loved this “so bad it’s good” movie. In fact, you might say we loved its repdiculousness!


I’ll see myself out.

1. Every Country Has a Monster from Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Reptilicus (2017)
2. Reptilicus US Trailer Audio (1963)
3. Godzilla Christmas by The Towels (2001)

Reptilicus Flies! Two deleted scenes: (1) (2)
Congrats to Daisuke Sato and Keizo Murase on their campaign’s funding!

Is it true?? Is the discussion over????? Well… Yes and no.

We started this segment so early in the podcast’s life the a lot of listeners have missed out on a lot of the films that we’ve covered. Therefore, during most of 2018, we will be revisiting some of the classics that we’ve already covered. These will be entirely new discussions, so you can still send in your homework (aka your thoughts, questions and reviews). The schedule has been given an addendum. So “yes”, because we made it to the end of the list of 90 titles, but also “no” because we’re doing sort of a “listeners’ choice” / best of kind of project.

We’ll be kicking things off with 1972’s Godzilla vs. Gigan. Originally, we covered this movie back in March of 2010, but instead of listening to that very old episode, might I suggest you check out our commentary on the film recorded in 2014. 😉

We’ll be watching the Kraken BluRay release for this viewing – and most likely the Japanese version. If you’d like to send in your brief thoughts, questions or reviews, make sure to do so before January 25th to have your homework included in the discussion. I don’t know about you, but I am very much looking forward to getting back to some actual Godzilla films this year!