03.08.2019: Mondo Artist Tom Whalen

Mega kaiju fan & Mondo Artist Tom Whalen joins Kyle for a special interview and announcement!

It’s with much fanfare that we bring you a very special chat with fellow kaiju fan and Mondo artist, Tom Whalen. Tom is an artist the Kyle has been following for many years and one of the main reasons for the chat, and corresponding episode is to announce a super rad poster that Tom designed for the Kaijucast’s tenth anniversary, so check the notes below for the order page, but after you listen to our conversation, of course — or during if you’re a multi-tasker!

Of course, we spend some time talking about giant radioactive monsters and get a little nerdy about art too! We hope you enjoy the interview, everyone!

1. Godzilla Arrives by Akira Ifukube from Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)
2. Main Title by Richiiro Manabe from Godzilla vs Megalon (1973)

**The Kaijucast Tenth Anniversary Poster by Tom Whalen
Tom’s STRONGSTUFF website
Tom on Deviant Art
The four prints Kyle bought back in 2010:
King Kong vs Godzilla
Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster
Godzilla vs Hedorah
Pixies Poster
Mondo Godzilla Poster (normal version)
Mondo Godzilla Posters (variant version)
Judge Dredd poster
Also look at this amazing Jet Jaguar poster!!
Tom’s appearance on SYFY’s Artist Alley series


Mothra 1961 by Tom Whalen (strongstuff.net)King Kong vs Godzilla 1962 by Tom Whalen (strongstuff.net)Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster 1964 by Tom Whalen (strongstuff.net)Godzilla vs Hedorah 1971 by Tom Whalen (strongstuff.net)

Yes, the poster page is posted above but I’ll also give this beautiful piece of awesomeness it’s own special placement here in the show notes… and since I literally opened the box today, feast your eyes on this juicy 18″x24″ awesomeness! You too can own this impressive limited edition, screen-printed poster – just go here.
Kaijucast X Anniversary by Tom Whalen

02.28.2019: Godzilla The Planet Eater Daikaiju Discussion

Gretchen & Kyle tackle the final entry in the Godzilla anime trilogy: Godzilla The Planet Eater (2018)

Congratulations, everyone – we did it! We made it through the anime trilogy. And man, was that tough. Gretchen came over to chat with me about this new film, Godzilla The Planet Eater (2018).

I don’t really have much to add here, but feel free to check out the article below in which the directors say, “we welcome getting bashed by the traditionalists.” Insert shrug emoji…

Also, make sure you click on that image for some potentially laughable poster art

1. Bilasaludo Rebellion by Takayuki Hattori from Godzilla The Planet Eater (2018)
2. Godzilla The Planet Eater English language Trailer audio (2018)
3. Live and Die by XIA from Godzilla The Planet Eater (2018)

Godzilla Planet of Monsters on Netflix
Godzilla City On The Edge Of Battle on Netflix
Godzilla The Planet Eater on Netflix
Anime trilogy director talks some smack

02.26.2018: Japan Wrap up with David Dopko

David and Kyle recap the rest of their trip to the land of the Rising Sun earlier this month.

Another episode to wrap up our adventures in Japan. In our last episode, we talked about our Hokkaido and the first half of our time in Kyoto. For this episode, we flesh out the remainder of our trip, now that we’ve returned to the US. Part one of our adventure can be found here.

As we mentioned in the last episode, we were in Japan for a two week vacation, and while most of what we did has no connection to Godzilla or his rubber suited foes, listeners traveling to Japan for their own excursions might be interested to hear about some of the shopping we did in Tokyo or especially our trip to Sukagawa in the Fukushima prefecture in order to visit the Tsuburaya Museum – complete with the full Shodai-Goji suit sculpted by Yuji Sakai and used for a short that you can only watch in the museum, which was awesome and we cover it pretty exhaustively in this episode.

In fact, this is much less like a “Mini-sode” since this chat clocks in at about two hours – but look at all of the stuff we talk about!

Make sure to check out David’s album on FB here!

Kyoto: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Kyoto: Togetsu-ky? Bridge via woodblock and on Google Maps
Tokyo Kaiju Shopping? Here are some helpful locations:
Nakano Broadway in Nakano and on Google Maps
Godzilla Ya in Koenji and on Google Maps
Godzilla Store in Shinjuku and on Google Maps
Mandarake in Shibuya on Google Maps
Day Trip from Tokyo: Sukagawa Ultraman Road
Day Trip from Tokyo: Sukagawa Citizens Exchange Center’s Tete Building and on Google Maps
Day Trip from Tokyo: Tsuburaya Museum Website
Stars & Stripes Coverage of the Tsuburaya Museum
Where Kyle gets his Rail Pass online
Tokyo: Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa and on Google Maps
Tokyo: Asakusa
Tokyo: Kappabashi Street
Tokyo: Kappa Shrine in Asakusa
Tokyo: Harajuku’s Takeshita Street
Tokyo: Mame Shiba & Owl Forest Cafe (there’s one in Kyoto too)

1. Lizard King by the Groovie Ghoulies from Monster Club (2003)




02.14.2019: Kaiju fans in Japan with David Dopko

Kyle and special guest (and travel-mate) David Dopko recap the first half of their trip to Japan in this recorded-on-the-road episode!

Hey everyone, I wanted to make sure to get an episode recorded, despite having a blast in Japan right now. You see, I’m traveling with fellow Japanophile and kaiju fan David Eric Dopko and we wanted to share some of the awesome adventures that we’re having and and awesome stuff we’re seeing with you.

We’re going to do another one of these before I leave, I think.

(*or Trip Highlights!*)
Sapporo Snow Festival
Japan Times report from the Snow Festival
Sapporo TV Tower Location
Sapporo adjacent: Jozankei Onsen Town
Sapporo adjacent: Hoheikyo Onsen (*it’s tattoo friendly!*)
Kyoto: Fushimi Inari Shrine
Osaka: Mandarake (Umeda)
Osaka: Mandarake (Grandchaos)
Osaka: Astro Zombies
Osaka: Anime Jungle
Kyoto: Gogyo Ramen
Kyoto: Nishiji Market


The JSDF was not occupying the base of the Sapporo TV Tower during our visit.

The entrance to the station has changed but we’re pretty sure this is the same location.




GODZILLA: The Planet Eater (2018)

Yes, we are back with another Daikaiju Discussion, but don’t get too excited yet — it’s for the third anime film. Yes, we’ll be watching Godzilla: The Planet Eater this month (once I’m back from Japan). I forgot to mention it in the episode but the deadline for sending in your homework is February 21st, so if you’d like to be included in this episode’s homework, please submit your thoughts, questions and reviews before then.

And if you wanted to know who performed the song at the end of the episode, Ikusa, that would be the band Wagakki.


01.13.2018 Emergency Broadcast 8 with Kevin Derendorf, Ed Holland & Matt Frank

Rachel, Kyle, Gretchen, Martin, Sean and Dave gathered at the Kaijucast HQ to kick off our 10th Anniversary and 8th LIVE Emergency Broadcast with special guests, prize giveaways and more!

It’s hard to believe, but this past weekend marked the TENTH anniversary of the producing the podcast. That’s right, people… ten years of podcasting about giant freaking monsters!

This episode (#253, Kyle!) is our eighth “Emergency Broadcast”,  a live broadcast in which we connect with special guests and the listeners (for those who haven’t heard one of these kind of episodes). Overall, these episodes are a ton of work, but a ton of fun too! But if you are unfamiliar, we have a chatroom in which we can connect with the listeners as they listen live, plus we’ve given away a ton of stuff, the winners are listed below.

Huge thanks to all of our prize sponsors, and to our special guests, and to all of those who listened live and those who partook in the chatroom tomfoolery – and especially to Sean, Dave, Rachel, Gretchen and Martin for helping me celebrate this milestone with such a fun time in the studio!

In a bold move, at the end of the show, we made an announcement that you’ll want to stick around for – I mean, your mileage may vary but Kyle felt it was important!


Oh one more thing… this episode is clocking in at 3 hours and 14 minutes so prepare yourselves for a hefty download!

1. MAT Theme performed by Bang Bang Bazaar from Ukulele Ultraman (2006)
2. Bringing Godzilla Down To Size trailer audio  (2008)
3. The OLD Kaijucast Intro Music (because so many people asked for it) (2009)
4. Godzilla vs Tokyo by Zebrahead from G.Lasts… Tribute To Godzilla 50th (2004)


Kevin DerendorfMonster Attack Team Magazine's ED HOLLAND will give us a mission report from the new Tsuburaya MuseumMatt Frank



Flossie's Gifts & Collectibles


Prize Pack #1: John Snyder
Prize Pack #2: Jon Alexander
Prize Pack #3: Mike Keller
Prize Pack #4: Arian Hinojosa
Prize Pack #5: Linus FC
Prize Pack #6: Michael Schwartz
Drawing #1 KAIJU FOR HIPSTERS: Matthew Solis
Drawing #3 MATT FRANK SKETCH BOOK: Joey Palinkas
Drawing #4 X-PLUS/STAR ACE KONG 2017: Bryan Clark

Maser Patrol Blog and Podcast
Kaiju For Hipsters: 101 “Alternative” Giant Monster Movies by Kevin Derendorf
Monster Attack Team Magazine
Monster Attack Team Magazine on Facebook
Matt Frank’s New website!
REDMAN via Night Shining Inc
Kaiju Corps Listener Group on FB
Behold the Godzilla Gang Display Box

Prize Donor/Sponsor Celebrity Icons brings these amazing guests to conventions across the globe!
01/25 – 01/27 Days of the Dead in Atlanta, GA welcomes Bin Furuya (Ultraman) and Tsutomu Kitagawa (Godzilla)

04/06 – 04/07 Power Morphicon Express in Pasadena, TX welcomes  Zyuranger’s Yuuta Mochizuki & Reiko Chiba, and Godzilla illustrator and designer Shinji Nishikawa

07/12 – 07/14 Crypticon Kansas City in Kansas City, MO welcomes Bin Furuya (Ultraman) & Tsutomu Kitagawa (Godzilla)

08/16 – 08/18 Japan World Heroes in Pasadena, CA August 16-18 with Millennium Godzilla suit actor Tsutomu Kitagawa, King Kong Escapes star Linda MillerUltraman Towards the Future star Dore Kraus and Godzilla illustrator and designer Shinji Nishikawa