09.15.2017: Japan World Heroes Recap w/Paula Gaetos

Kyle is joined by the Tokusatsu Network’s Paula Gaetos to recap the wonder of Japan World Heroes. Photo taken at Monsterpalooza 2017 (Not really pictured: Kaiju Kingdom Podcast’s Chris Eaton).

For this episode I am joined by The Tokusatsu Network’s Paula Gaetos. I thought that it would be a big advantage to have a die-hard fan of the genres represented at the convention help me fill in the gaps (of which there were a LOT!) in describing how cool it actually was to have so many amazing guests at Japan World Heroes. If you haven’t listened to the interview with Scott Zilner, you might not be familiar with the  convention that we’re describing but have no fear, Paula is going to school myself and you listeners in the ways of tokusatsu’s superheroes!

1. Ending theme by Akira Ifukube from Monster Zero (1965)

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If you’re interested in sharing your homework (aka your thoughts questions and reviews) for The Last Dinosaur (1977) please make sure to do so before September 22nd to be part of the upcoming episode!

08.31.2017: Attack of the Super Monsters Daikaiju Discussion

Sean and Kyle tackle the 1982 compilation film, Attack of the Super Monsters!

Where to begin in this little blurb/writeup for the blog?

I know some of you have been waiting to hear about this one. I actually found out about Attack of the Super Monsters (1982) a long time ago, watched it and then promptly and willfully ignored it for years. It’s not a film that even should be considered in the same way that Godzilla’s films should and are. Attack of the Super Monsters is a compilation film.

What’s a compilation film, you ask?? Well, Sean joined me to talk about that, rittai anime, the Japanese source material and a whole lot more in this episode covering this very strange film. Attack of the Super Monsters might not be your cup of tea, but it definitely deserves a viewing at least once – hopefully with some friends and some laughs. Now, someone point me in the direction of an Izenborg episode online, because I can’t find any to watch!

1. Mothra vs We Are Scientists by We Are Scientists from Safety, Fun, and Learning (In That Order) (2002)
2. Introduction/Opening Titles by Toshima Toshiaki from Dinosaur War Izenborg (1977)
3. Dinosaur War Aizenborg Theme by Animetal from Animetal Marathon III (1998)
4. Daikaiju Theme by Big Pimp Jones from Valley of the Giants (2017)

Godzilla Monster Planet update on SciFiJapan
Anime Godzilla Display at Kawasaki at August Ragone’s blog

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Big congratulations to the following entries that correctly answered the trivia question(s). These brilliant people have won themselves some stuff autographed by Shinji Higuchi, one of Shin Godzilla’s directors!


RON ALLARD, Central Falls, RI

September brings us another “off-brand” entry into the kaiju genre and I believe it might be related to this month’s movie – as we mention in the episode. We will be watching The Last Dinosaur (1977), which was a co-production between Rankin Bass and Tsuburaya Productions. The film is definitely available for sale, legally by Warner Bros.

08.09.2017: Haruo Nakajima & Bin Furuya [Fear FestEvil in 2014]

Bonus episode: The late Haruo Nakajima, aka “Mr. Godzilla”, took part in a panel with Ultraman’s Bin Furuya in 2014 at Kirk Hammet’s Fear FestEvil. (Photo Credit: Loren Portillo)

It is with a very heavy heart that I must relay to you all that the actor who portrayed the original Godzilla (and other numerous kaiju), Haruo Nakajima has passed away at the age of 88.

Haruo Nakajima played Godzilla from 1954 through 1972’s Godzilla vs. Gigan. He was Toho’s primary kaiju actor and helped bring monsters like Rodan and Varan to life. In his later years he made many appearances at conventions around the world. I was lucky enough to see him at two of those shows.

I feel fortunate to have been able to interview Nakajima during 2014’s Fear FestEvil convention in San Francisco, California. If you’d like to hear that brief interview, it’s in episode #104 (and the interview starts around the 11½ minute mark).

At that same convention, a panel titled “Oh no! There goes Tokyo!” featured both Haruo Nakajima (the original Godzilla suit actor) and Bin Furuya (the original Ultraman suit actor) and was moderated by Jim Cirronella. The audio is not as great as I’d like, but I’ve always thought about releasing this as a special episode. This seems like the best time to do that since I won’t be able to produce any other episodes featuring this legend of the genre.

Rest In Peace, Nakajima-san


1. Ending (Godzilla March) by Susumu Ishikawa, Shinichi Sekizawa, Kunio Miyauchi from Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)
2. Another ending by Akira Ifukube from Gojira (1954)


08.02.2017 Shin Godzilla director Shinji Higuchi

Kyle sits down with tokusatsu director Shinji Higuchi to discuss his career!

Yatta!!! This is big news for me on a personal level. The subject of this episode is a man who I have been admiring for just about 20 years.

In the late nineties, I remember renting Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (1996) from our local awesome video store and I was completely enamored with the amazing and updated effects. The preceding movie was great, but somehow in one year, it was as if the special effects were given time and space (and budget) to grow into something genre-changing. I’ve said is so, so, so many times before but if you haven’t seen the Heisei  Gamera trilogy, you are missing out!!! (stop procrastinating and go buy it)

Higuchi has been in the kaiju scene for a looooooooong tong time, starting back in 1983 as a storyboard artist for Toho, he did some work on Return of Godzilla (1984) and eventually became the tokusatsu director for the aforementioned Gamera series and has been steadily making movies in Japan since.

I was determined to interview Shinji Higuchi – the special effects wizard who I have been dying to speak with since I started the podcast. Big thanks to the G-Fest and the staff for helping arrange this interview, despite the universe’s attempts to defy us. Higuchi’s schedule was switched up at the last minute and the outlook was looking less awesome, but Tim Bean and Jeff Horne helped find a time that would work in the schedule. And Jeff even tracked down Mike Field, a fellow fan and attendee for his assistance — that’s right, even more kudos!

Of course as many of us know, Shin Godzilla (2016) defied the trends Godzilla faced in the early 2000s and was a massive success in Japan, and has been playing well all over the world. If you ask me, we are all very fortunate that he’s come back to Chicago for another G-Fest and I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally have him on the podcast – maybe the stars will align and we can do this whole interview thing again in the future!

During the interview, Higuchi was making some diagrams to illustrate his points. I didn’t get them all, but I have a couple of photos of those notes he was making.

1. EM20_Jerry_GZM by Shiro Sagisu from Shin Godzilla (2016)
2. Early Morning from Tokyo by Shiro Sagisu from Shin Godzilla (2016)

Unfortunately Shinji Higuchi had a little schedule mishap and had to leave G-Fest much earlier on Sunday – so there was a bit of a scramble on my part to find a time that would work for Higuchi’s updated and abbreviated schedule. Additionally, and almost just as important as having the director on hand, I needed to have an interpreter that could be there. I want to thank both Jeff Horne and Tim Bean for finding a time where I could steal Higuchi away. And I especially would like to give a major shout out to to my short notice translator, Mike Field….you are super awesome, sir!

That’s right, we have a contest starting right now. Listen to the episode for details – the entry deadline is August 20th!

07.31.2017: Daigoro vs Goliath Daikaiju Discussion

Gretchen, Dave, Kyle & Clancy subject themselves to one of the kiddiest kaiju flicks ever made, Daigoro vs Goliath (1972)!

Where to begin for 1972’s Daigoro vs Goliath? This is absolutely, without a doubt, a film created for little kids. As such, things can get pretty nonsensical at times. Some people have called this the strangest kaiju film ever made… would they be wrong?

In addition to almost an hour long discussion on this 1970s gem of a film, we cover a 2500 Tons of Awesome news from the Godzillasphere.

1. Crime Fiction by Ervin Jereb (1969)
2. GEED no Akashi by Kenji Kawai, Riku Asakura & Voyager from Ultraman Geed (2017)
3. Main Titles by Masato Shimon from Daigoro vs Goliath (1972)
4. Money Eating Knight by the Garamones from Garamones (2016)

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8/26 – 8/27 JAPAN WORLD HEROES in Pasadena, CA w/Bin Furuya, Noburo Kaneko, Renn Kiriyama, Hirofumi Fukuzawa, Michi Yamato, TJ Storm and Team Fujiyama Ichiban (and more!!)
9/8 – 9/10 ROSE CITY COMIC CON in Portland, OR w/no Japanese guests this year, but KAIJUCAST will be tabling with KODOJA!
10/20 – 10/22 GRAND RAPIDS COMIC CON in Grand Rapids, MI w/Haruo Nakajima & Tom Kitagawa

How can anything with a VHS cover this cool be so…. whatever it actually is. I don’t know much about Attack of the Supermonsters (1982), but I will be doing some digging on this film for the discussion! If you don’t already own this film, it has been put onto Youtube — that’s IF you want to subject yourself to this monstrosity. You’ll need to submit your homework before August 24th to be included in the discussion.