03.10.2017: Monsters & Dames

Rachel, Gretchen and Kyle take a deeper look at the role women have played in the kaiju genre.

For this episode we are diving into the history of the kaiju genre and its relationship with women – from characters to actors, we tackle a few topics that some people might consider to be a sensitive subject but that we feel should be a point of discussion amongst lovers of these films. I was lucky enough to have two kaiju fans of the female persuasion, Rachel Cook & Gretchen Brooks, hang out with me to talk with me about that relationship.

Special thanks to Ayame Chiba for sending in her thoughts about women in the Heisei Gamera trilogy!

1. Mothra’s Song by Yuji Koseki from Mothra (1961)
2. Save the Earth by Adryan Russ & Riichiro Manabe from Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (1971)
3. Akane’s Theme II by Michiru Oshima from Godzilla X Mechagodzilla (2002)

Check out Gretchen on the Northwest Horror Podcast talking about Women in Horror Month
Rie Ota as Baragon in GMK

Legendary Pictures’ newest monster epic, Kong Skull Island (2017) has just opened nationwide. This new film is the focus for this month’s Daikaiju Discussion. If you want to submit your thoughts, questions and reviews for this new Kong entry, make sure to submit your homework before Thursday, March 23rd to be incorporated into the episode.

02.28.2017: Short Film Double Feature with Negadon & Gehara

Sean and Jeff join Kyle for  some quick entries into the kaiju genre with Negadon and Gehara!

Pop quiz, hot shots! Wait, that’s not right… more like surprise homework! I actually don’t think anyone noticed that the show notes in the last episode mentioned (very late) that we were pulling a double feature of two short kaiju films for this month’s discussion. But really, I completely spaced mentioning this during the chaos of the Emergency Broadcast AND the last episode with Derek! Hopefully you will hear this and say to yourself “Oh wow! These movies sound incredible – where, oh, where can a desperate kaiju fan find these mini masterpieces?” Read on, gentle listener….

NEGADON: MONSTER FROM MARS (2005) was an independently produced all CGI love letter to the Showa era kaiju films. The old website for Negadon is down (almost certainly forever) but you can see ScifiJapan’s coverage of the press release here.

Want to watch Negadon: Monster From Mars?

GEHARA: THE DARK & LONG HAIRED MONSTER (2009) was produced for an NHK series entitled Play TV: Perform! It was directed by Kiyotaka Takaguchi and is a very loving parody of the kaiju genre. Using modern day CGI effects mixed with traditional practical “suitmation” and miniatures, Gehara is an incredible romp that lampoons some of our favorite aspects of these films. The official website is in Japanese, but August Ragone’s blog, The Good, The Bad and The Godzilla had some pretty great information about the production of this short movie. It’s absolutely worth watching – speaking of… Want to watch Gehara: The Dark & Long Hair Monster?

Also make sure to check out Scifi Japan TV’s interview with Kiyotaki Takaguchi, Gehara’s director.

1. Destroy All Monsters (English Version) by 647F from Destroy All Monsters (2016)
2. Negadon Monster from Mars Japanese Trailer (2005)
3. Gehara The Dark & Long Haired Monster Japanese Trailer (2009)
4. Dream In True Color: The Sky in 2015 by Kenjiro Kato, Shingo Terasawa & Akane Yumoto from Negadon Monster from Mars (2005)

Godzilla Anime News
– Concept Artwork 1 & Concept Artwork 2
– Anime Japan 3/23 – 3/26 (Event on Sunday @ 9:20am)
Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters News
Kyle Chandler added to cast
–  Vera Farmiga added to cast (So new it didn’t get recorded!)
Ultraman Orb Movie Details on Scifi Japan
Mazinger Z Movie in the works from Toei Animation
Shin Godzilla continues to play around the world: Spain & Korea
ToyFair Godzilla displays by NECA, Diamond (X-Plus) and Bluefin
NECA Shin Godzilla figure coverage on Scifi Japan
X-Plus Godzilla 2000 (Mire-Goji) Poster Version
Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns – April 16th on Netflix!


3/24 – 3/26 MAD MONSTER PARTY SC Rock Hill, SC with Haruo Nakajima & Bin Furuya 

3/25 – 4/3 YASUYUKI INOUE EXHIBITION at Ebina Civic Art Gallery in Ebina, Japan with Toshi Miike production designer / SFX director

4/7 – 4/9  MONSTERPALOOZA in Pasadena, CA with Mizuho Yoshida & Keita Amemiya

*If you are going, we are planning a Listener Party for Friday night (4/7)!

4/21 – 4/23 CHILLER THEATRE in Parsippany, NJ with Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa)

5/19 – 5/21 MAD MONSTER PARTY ARIZONA in Scottsdale, AZ with Haruo Nakajima & Bin Furuya 

6/30 – 7/2 DAYS OF THE DEAD in Indianapolis, IN with Haruo Nakajima

7/14 – 7/16 G-FEST XXIV in Rosemont, IL with composer Michiru Oshima, artist Yuiji Kaida, director Shinji Higuchi & suit actor Ryuki Kitaoka

** No live panel this year but expect another Listener Party!

DIABOLIQUE MAGAZINE: Check out the new issue (#26) of Diabolique for a special look at Asian horror. Featuring essays on Hideo Nakata and Japanese folk horror, Korean war horror, Kurowasa’s Throne of Blood, The Handmaiden and, the best of them all, Godzilla.


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Go see the big ape! Seriously, we are tackling the new KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2017) for March’s Daikaiju Discussion. Make sure that if you’d like to take part in the discussion, you submit your homework no later than Thursday, March 23rd. You can use our handy contact form to send in your thoughts, questions and reviews for the episode.





02.19.2017: Merican Monsters with Derek Koch

Monster Kid Writer, Derek M. Koch joins Kyle for a discussion of the United States’ giant monsters.

There’s something magical about the old black and white Atomic Monster Movies of the 1950s. In addition to the inherent cheese factor that attracts some of us to their tales, they were the predecessors to our favorite mega monsters from Japan. Obviously without King Kong and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, we wouldn’t have Godzilla and his rubber suited foes. Unfortunately I don’t have a deep-seated knowledge of these films’ lore – so I thought it would behoove me to invite a guest onto the Kaijucast to talk about these American films that are related, at least tangentially to Japan’s kaiju genre.

Derek M. Koch has been on the podcast before but in an abbreviated segment during one of our live shows. Derek runs Monster Kid Radio – another podcast all about the awesomeness of monster movies. Keep an eye out for Derek’s upcoming book Fifty Shades of Monster Movies, due out later this year! And make sure to follow what he’s doing on his website (and his writing site).

Hope you enjoy the discussion, everyone – we had a blast talking about these classics!

1. John Agar Rules by The Dead Elvi from Garage Band Halloween, Volume 2 (2009)

So it occurred to me that I failed to mention, during out Emergency Broadcast, that February’s Daikaiju Discussion is a special “short film” discussion. I’m tempted to push it off since today is the 19th and this is going to be the first time that any of you have heard of this, BUT since I doubt that we would have received a lot of homework in for these rare films, I think I’m keeping the discussion on the books!

So if you’d like to submit your Daikaiju Discussion for the two short films Negadon: Monster from Mars (2006) AND Gehara, The Dark and Long-Haired Monster (2009), make sure you send in your thoughts, questions and reviews for these two films before February 24th to be included in the discussion.