02.19.2017: Merican Monsters with Derek Koch

Monster Kid Writer, Derek M. Koch joins Kyle for a discussion of the United States’ giant monsters.

There’s something magical about the old black and white Atomic Monster Movies of the 1950s. In addition to the inherent cheese factor that attracts some of us to their tales, they were the predecessors to our favorite mega monsters from Japan. Obviously without King Kong and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, we wouldn’t have Godzilla and his rubber suited foes. Unfortunately I don’t have a deep-seated knowledge of these films’ lore – so I thought it would behoove me to invite a guest onto the Kaijucast to talk about these American films that are related, at least tangentially to Japan’s kaiju genre.

Derek M. Koch has been on the podcast before but in an abbreviated segment during one of our live shows. Derek runs Monster Kid Radio – another podcast all about the awesomeness of monster movies. Keep an eye out for Derek’s upcoming book Fifty Shades of Monster Movies, due out later this year! And make sure to follow what he’s doing on his website (and his writing site).

Hope you enjoy the discussion, everyone – we had a blast talking about these classics!

1. John Agar Rules by The Dead Elvi from Garage Band Halloween, Volume 2 (2009)

So it occurred to me that I failed to mention, during out Emergency Broadcast, that February’s Daikaiju Discussion is a special “short film” discussion. I’m tempted to push it off since today is the 19th and this is going to be the first time that any of you have heard of this, BUT since I doubt that we would have received a lot of homework in for these rare films, I think I’m keeping the discussion on the books!

So if you’d like to submit your Daikaiju Discussion for the two short films Negadon: Monster from Mars (2006) AND Gehara, The Dark and Long-Haired Monster (2009), make sure you send in your thoughts, questions and reviews for these two films before February 24th to be included in the discussion.

01.31.2017: Emergency Broadcast #6 with Steve Ryfle, Ed Godziszewski, Sean Linkenback & the Kaiju Transmissions Podcast Byrd & Matt!

Rachel, Clancy and Bryan join Kyle and a slew of awesome guests for The 6th annual Emergency Broadcast!

It’s another live episode in the can! That’s right, kaiju fiends – this past Sunday, we interviewed guests and hopefully entertained listeners live for close to three crazy hours. Bryan, Rachel and Clancy joined me for the sixth annual Emergency Broadcast.

Since some of the interviews went on a little long, we actually forged through and didn’t take a break for the entire episode. We did cover several new stories from the recent weeks and of course, there was a little music.

It’s always a lot of work to organize a show like this but the reward for all the work   Massive thanks to all of the listeners who tuned in and to those who joined us for the chatroom (from what I saw it looked like a lot of people were enjoying the company). Also, monstrous appreciation for our guests who chatted with us in the studio:

Kyle Byrd & Matt Parmley, hosts of the Kaiju Transmissions Podcast
*make sure to send them your ranking of the Godzilla films here!

Ed Godziszewski & Steve Ryfle, authors of the upcoming biography Ishiro Honda: A Life in Film, from Godzilla to Kurosawa


Sean Linkenback, author of The Art of Japanese Monsters


Godzilla 2 Director Tapped: Michael Dougherty
Godzilla 2 Cast Announcement: Millie Bobby Brown
Thomas Tull Resigns As CEO of Legendary Pictures
Kong: Skull Island Toys
Kong: Skull Island Easter Egg Links to Godzilla (minor Spoiler Alert)
Universal Studios Japan write up of Godzilla The Real 4-D by Jim Pluff

Also, congratulations to the following listeners and thanks for participating in the Trivia Giveaways!

Patrick Coakley
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And(!) the winner of the jaw-droppingly awesome “Chiba Force” prize pack as donated by Dr. Ayame Chiba… Kevin Derendorf

(this was played before the episode really began)
1. Madame Piranha II by Akira Ifukube from King Kong Escapes (1967)
2. King of the Monsters by Man Or Astro-man? from Experiment Zero (1995)
3. Godzilla Theme by The Bukimisha Weird Secret Society from GOUKAI Na GOJIRA (2000)
4. Starting a War by Youko Ueno from Gamera the Brave (2006)
5. Gappa English Language Trailer (1967)
6. Audio clip from Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)
7. AAB Gamma to the Moon (rearrangement) by Tak Izumi from The X From Outer Space (1967)
8. Gamera vs Gyaos audio clip (1967)
9. Godzilla and Minya by Masaru Sato from Son of Godzilla (1967)
10. Sentient Chapter 1 by Big Pimp Jones from Sentient (2015)
11. All Monsters Attack by Akira Ifukube from Destroy All Monsters (1968)
12. Call to Arms by Michiru Oshima from Godzilla: Tokyo SOS (2003)
13. Battle by from Godzilla vs Heavy Metal (1998)
14. Ultraseven (Rawara) by from Ukelele Ultraman (2005)
15. Title Theme by Sadao Bekku from Matango (1963)
16. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Love Theme by Man or Astroman from Destroy All Astromen! (1995)
17. King Kong Escapes trailer (1967)
18. Kodoja Theme Metal Version by Big Pimp Jones from Kodoja: Sentient (2015)
19. Audio clip from Invasion of Astro Monster (1965)
20. Uchuu kara no Okurimono ~Kasei Kaiju Namegon Toujou~ by Polysics from Hen Ai Let’s Go ! 2 -Ultra Kaiju So Shingeki- (2015)
21. Audio clip from Invasion of Astro Monster (1965)
22. Ultra Q Theme by the Garamones from The Garamones (2016)
23. Sentient Chapter 2 by Big Pimp Jones from Sentient (2015)
24. Cosmic (or Space) Life Forms on the Move by Akira Ifukube from Space Amoeba (1970)
25. Audio clip from Invasion of Astro Monster (1965)

1. Black Angels by Shiro Sagisu from Shin Godzilla (2016)
2. Godzilla March by Susumu Ishikawa from Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)

01.25.2017: Godzilla 2001 Actor Mizuho Yoshida

Check out our interview with one of the unsung heroes of tokusatsu suit & stunt acting, Mizuho Yoshida. Photo by Jonathan Peter Lee.

I am so happy to finally share this short interview with stunt and suit actor Mizuho Yoshida from last year’s Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. As many of the listeners know, I am a massive fan of the 2001 film commonly referred to as “GMK” by the fans. Yoshida played Godzilla in that epic film, but also the titular villain from the Zeiram duo-logy (1991 & 1994) and Cyber Ninja (Mirai Ninja – 1988), Death Ghidorah and Dagarla from the first two heisei Mothra standalone films (1996 & 1997), Legion in Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (1996), Zedus in Gamera The Brave (2006) and Raiga in Deep Sea Monster Raiga (2009). Right?? So many awesome monsters!

Yoshida-san was a fantastic interview subject, a great convention guest and I really hope he makes it back to the states for another show soon — plus he said he’d be on the Kaijucast again, so hopefully we can look forward to another interview in the future!

1. Zeiram Trailer Audio (1991)
2. Confrontation Of The Two Giant Monsters by Ko Otani from Godzilla · Mothra · King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack (2001)

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