11.03.2017: Celebrating Godzilla’s Birthday

The Kaijucast celebrates Godzilla’s 63rd birthday along with Japan!

It’s Godzilla’s birthday today, guys! As such, I thought it would be fun to talk about how Japan is celebrating, something that’s relatively new to the country (seriously!) and something we can obviously get behind.

A physical and “permanent” Godzilla shop just opened in Tokyo (Shinjuku, specifically and it opened on Oct 30th!), which is an incredible opportunity for anyone in or visiting Japan. The country also celebrated Godzilla’s 63rd birthday with a super cool sounding festival. If you’re interested in seeing photos of the festival, here’s a link to the “Godzilla’s birthday” hashtag results on twitter – fun stuff for sure!

1. Godzilla Theme “Epic Rock” Cover by Little V (2014)
2. Godzilla King of the Monsters US Trailer (1956)
3. Lizard King by Groovie Ghoulies from Monster Club (2003)
4. Monster Man by Devo from Something For Everybody (2010)
5. Ogata quote from Godzilla King of the Monsters (1956)
6. Godzilla by Talizman from The Song Of Small Planet (1980)
7. Main Title from King Kong vs. Godzilla performed by Bukimisha Weird Secret Society from Goukai Na Gojira (2000)

Don’t forget that the next movie we’ll be talking about is Ultra Q The Movie: Legend From The Stars and we’ll be watching an untranslated copy on Youtube since it’s never been available stateside. Make sure to have your homework turned in before November 24th to be part of the discussion episode!

10.31.2017: Deep Sea Monster Raiga Daikaiju Discussion

The Deep-Sea Monster Raiga sits down to discuss his film with Gretchen and Kyle.

This month, Gretchen and I are discussing an independent kaiju comedy called Deep Sea Monster Raiga (2009) by Rakugo performer and general awesome dude, Shinpei Hayashiya. There’s so little available on this film (at least in English) that I asked a special guest to join me for part of the episode. Who better to turn than the man behind the independent documentary on independent kaiju films than Mark Jaramillo?

1. Monster Game by Daiichiro Sakaguchi & Takemi Watanabe from Godzilla’s Songbook (1971)
2. Godzilla by Michael Graves from Punk Rock Is Dead (2005)
3. RAIGA, The Monster from the Deep Teaser (2009)
4. RAIGA by the Edo Sisters
5. Deep Sea Monster Raiga vs Lava Beast Ohga Teaser (2016)

Ok, this has been a long time coming, but we are going to finally be watching Ultra Q The Movie: Legend From The Stars. This is a film that I’ve wanted to watch for quite some time but a subtitled copy has never made it’s way into my hands. Yep, that means we’re going to try and cobble together what’s happening in this rarely seen Tsuburaya flick by using our brains and deductive reasoning. I’m almost positive that no one else in the HQ has seen this one, including me, so I’m as I said in the episode, I can’t wait to see what this movie is going to be like.

Again, there’s no English subtitled version (or dubbed for that matter) that I could find, so we’ll be watching it on Youtube ( <- that’s the link). If you’d like to have your homework turned in for this entry, make sure to send in your thoughts, questions and reviews for the discussion episode before November 24th. Thanks! 



10.17.2017: Yuji & Michi Nishimura from M1 Toys

Woah – I didn’t realize that October had gotten away from me so much. I’ve been so focused on watching horror movies and the inktober challenge this month that I kind of spaced putting together an episode for the first half of the month. Well hopefully the content makes up for the tardiness!

This episode is a laid back chat with my Japanese friends Yuji and Michi Nishimura. If you’re unfamiliar with M Ichigo toys (aka M1), Yuji is the man behind the company. The toys produced by M1 are beautiful and I am very happy to have a small assortment of them in my collection. Yuji makes all of the calls for his company – and if that wasn’t enough of a reason to interview him, he’s also like a rock star of a collector too.

The entirety of his collection is mind-boggling, but we won’t be focusing on the toys so much in this episode — although another in the future is almost certainly in order. No, what we focus on in this interview is more about what he’s doing with his collection, how he’s assisting a company called Kodansha and his involvement with the current traveling exhibit in Japan called the Tokusatsu DNA Exhibition. No kidding, if you are going to be anywhere in Japan while this exhibit is on display, make sure you make your way to whatever museum is serving up this awesomeness!

Now, a quick word about the audio of this episode… first, please pardon the length. I used to apologize for long episodes, but this one is definitely on the shorter side of an hour. Also, a word on audio quality – since this was recorded in the dealers’ room at G-Fest XXIV, there’s a LOT of noise and it was difficult to clean up, and someone made a lengthy announcement that I had to cut out (Nunes!!!), so there will be times where it will be difficult to hear us, but I hope you enjoy it!

1. Mahara Mosura by Yuji Koseki from Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)
2. Southern Island Tale segment by Hachiro Matsui from King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)
3. Go, Go Godzilla by the Blue Oyster Cult from Spectre (1977)

M1 Ichigo’s official website
Kodansha Box Sets
Tokusatsu DNA Exhibit — on display in Kyushuu’s Saga prefecture until November 5th!


09.29.2017: The Last Dinosaur Daikaiju Discussion

The Last Dinosaur draws a big crowd, I guess??

I don’t exactly know what happened here. What was it about The Last Dinosaur (1977) that compelled a fully packed Kaijucast HQ tonight? Maybe my co-hosts are drawn to the smell of cheese… Anyway, I was joined by Adam, Jeff, Clancy, Sean, Gretchen AND Rachel for this discussion — and it was a doozy! Perhaps your mileage may vary, but we made sure to enjoy ourselves during this one. The Last Dinosaur is such a bizarre entry in the genre and even after saying that,  I don’t actually think I’d really classify this as a kaiju film – kind of in the same way I wouldn’t normally consider the American made King Kong movies to be kaiju fare.

In addition to the news, there were a lot of catastrophic events to talk about, so check out all of these tasty show notes below!

1. Escape from the Dinosaur by Akira Ifukube from Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)
2. The Last Dinosaur (1977) Japanese trailerOctober's Dakaiju Discussion film, Deep Sea Monster Raiga (2009) by Shinpei Hayashiya.
3. Main theme by Nancy Wilson, Jules Bass & Bernard Hoffer from The Last Dinosaur (1977)

Official Godzilla Store set to open in Shinjuku
Godzilla Monster Planet vs. Hello Kitty (Merchandising tie-in)
Legendary Pictures’ posts Rise Up campaign images for Pacific Rim: Uprising
Scifi Japan presents tribute to Haruo Nakajima
Toho Frankenstein figure coming from Bandai Premium [Preorder via AmokTime] [Gaira via AmokTime]
SH MonsterArts Spacegodzilla & Little Godzilla repaints
City Shrouded In Shadow update from Bandai Namco
Hulu announces Godzilla’s Return!
Summit Kaiju’s social network launches!
Little Jira Kickstarter Campaign

10/5 – Steve Ryfle w/Alonso Duralde at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, CA
10/13 – Ed Godzisewski at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago, IL
10/14 – Steve Ryfle at the Little Tokyo Public Library in Los Angeles, CA
10/19 – LOCAL EVENT! KWAIDAN at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR
10/20 – 10/22  — Grand Rapids Comic Con with Tom Kitagawa & Mizuho Yoshida
10/23 – Steve Ryfle with Mothra & The H-Man: Homage to Ishiro Honda at FILM FORUM in New York, NY
10/27 – 10/29 — Chiller Theatre with Linda Miller, Linda Haynes and Carl Craig in Parsippany, NJ

Our next movie will be Shinpei Hayashiya’s kaiju comedy The Deep-Sea Monster Raiga (2009) — his follow up to his 2005 indie film Deep Sea Monster Reigo! Now this is one of the few movies that I put on this list that is not available commercially in the USA, but it was released in Japan. If you have the film and would like to send in your thoughts, questions and reviews for the discussion, please submit your homework before October 21st!

09.26.2017: Stunt & Suit Actor Hirofumi Fukuzawa at Japan World Heroes

Hirofumi Fukuzawa entertains the crowds during his panel at Japan World Heroes. Photo by Dominic Tuazon.

Last month, I was very lucky and happy to attend JAPAN WORLD HEROES in Pasadena, California. As we’ve mentioned on the podcast recently, this was a fantastic show dedicated to tokusatsu, with many guests from Japan directly involved with a number of tokusatsu properties.

I co-moderated a panel with Jim Cirronella of Celebrity Icons in which we asked stunt and suit actor Hirofumi Fukuzawa about his career. This episode is the audio from that panel. In addition to being the suit actor for Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys (1999), Hirofumi Fukuzawa is primarily a sentai stunt actor and played rangers and heroes from a landslide of programs in Japan.

Seriously, I suggest checking out his resume; it’s pretty impressive!

1. Opening Theme by Mochida Yuusuke from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (2011)
2. Ending Credits by Kenichiro ?ishi from Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle (2011)