For the first time, ever, the Kaijucast will be broadcasting LIVE over the internet. An exciting announcement, no doubt, but add all of the other awesome stuff and it's one of those don't-miss-this-or-you'll-be-kicking-yourself type of events!

*Attention, everyone, this is an emergency broadcast!*

WHAT: Kaijucast Emergency Broadcast System/Live Show!
WHERE: Right here, on the internet
WHEN: Saturday, December 10th at 2pm (pacific time)
WHY: See below! 

Massive announcement and big news. On December 10th, the Kaijucast will be broadcasting a live show out to the internets and your ears.

The whole thing starts at 2:00PM (Pacific time)! That’s 5pm eastern, 4pm central, 3pm mountain. And if you are listening outside of the US, I can’t list all of those time zones. 😉

You may be asking yourself, “Wait, dude, why listen live?” There are two BIG reasons to do so.

1. The first and foremost is that this TWO HOUR episode is about, you, the listener. You will have the first-ever opportunity to interact with the Kaijucast during the broadcast/recording through the chatroom that we’ve set up on the website.

2. If you need another reason (and this one is most likely the reason people will be joining) is that the show will be peppered with LIVE CONTESTS. That’s right, we have swag to give away from the following awesome businesses:

* Things From Another World ( http://tfaw.com/ )
* The Monster Project ( http://www.themonsterproject.com/ )
* IDW Publishing ( http://idwpublishing.com/ )
* And I’ll be throwing in some cool stuff from the Kaijucast HQ as well!

All you need to do is listen live and be in that chatroom. And if you can’t be in the chat, there may be some live twitter and facebook chances to win.

And if Heather, Jeff and myself aren’t enough, I’m working on having a couple of guests join us via Skype. As you can see, this is all a pretty big deal for us.

To recap:

*Live broadcast!
*Immediate Listener interaction!
*Free stuff!
*Special Guests!
*Awesome Audio Pre-roll

Tell your family! Tell your friends! Tell your fellow Godzilla fans! Keep an eye on this page for the live link!

Hey, are you on Facebook? If so, here’s the Facebook Event Page I created for the broadcast.

Click on that “Attending” button and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question!