08.27.2015: The Yak Attack Strikes Back

Rachel, Kyle, Jeff and Bryan hang out and shoot the shobijin in another Yak Attack episode,

Rachel, Kyle, Jeff and Bryan hang out and shoot the shobijin in another Yak Attack episode!

Hey there, welcome to the Kaijucast HQ! What? Oh, nothing – we’re all just hanging out and having a few beers and talking about whatever the hell we want… MONSTERS… and life …and stuff and things. It’s all very conversational, I assure you.

Some of the nonsense about to bombard your ears: Jeff and I had just gotten back from camping. Ideas for Camp Kaiju. and Kaiju Camp. Don’t kill Bryan Cranston. Toho’s Godzilla speculation based on Attack On Titan’s trailer. Pacific Rim’s Maelstrom and beyond. The Unboxing Episode. Reaction Videos vs. Japanese Picture-In-Picture. Multnomah Falls. Top Gunnery. Movie Bears and Moebius. Kyle’s Famous Monsters debut. Ultramanga! Ready Player One. Ultraman X. Rose City Comic Con awesomeness! Halloween stuff arrives.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Daikaiju Discussion coming in just a few days!

1. The Great American Nightmare by Rob Zombie from Private Parts (1997)
2. Hedorah Attack by Kaiju Daisenso from Kaiju Daisenso (2014)

9/19 & 9/20 ROSE CITY COMIC CON in Portland, Oregon — don’t miss it because… (see below)

Booth #1121 KODOJA vs KAIJUCAST – Kaiju Photo Ops, Comics, Music, Prints & Stickers
Saturday (9/19) 12:30pm HAIL TO THE KING: 60 YEARS OF DESTRUCTION Screening [Room 2]
Saturday (9/19) 8:00pm KAIJUCAST LISTENER PARTY @ Killer Burger’s Downtown Location
Sunday (9/20) 10:30am MONSTERS OF PODCASTING Panel [Room 4]
Sunday (9/20) 1:30pm GIANT MONSTER HAPPY CHALLENGE Game Show Panel [Room 4]
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