07.24.2019: Kaijucast 10th Anniversary Podcast from G-Fest 26

Listen to all of this awesomeness with Kyle, Hiro (our interpreter), Sonoe Nakajima, Daisuke Sato and Gretchen in this special live episode from G-Fest!

This episode was recorded LIVE at G-Fest earlier this month and it’s the 10th Anniversary Kaijucast Talk Show panel! Big thanks to the G-Fest staff for giving us the opportunity to interview these amazing guests – especially Tim Bean, Martin Arlt,  Jeff Horne & JD Lees. Without their help, we definitely could not pull off what we do at G-Fest!

Let’s talk about the guests for this episode!

Daisuke Sato was part of G-Fest last year after successfully kickstarting his independent kaiju film, Howl From Beyond the Fog. The film is not completed yet, but Sato brings us a very cool update. If you’d like to follow along with his slideshow I’ve included it below. We cannot wait to see the end result – Gretchen loved the 15 minute version he showed at the convention!



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Sonoe Nakajima is the daughter of veteran actor, Haruo Nakajima (1929 – 2017). Nakajima played Godzilla from 1954 – 1972 and his daughter shares stories of her father and their life before and after Godzilla. We were so thankful to not only have the opportunity to speak to her, but also to share with the audience the BOSS Coffee commercial that was recently made as a tribute to Nakajima’s legacy. I’m embedding the video below so you can watch along.

If you’d like to see some more “behind the scenes” videos from the creation of this commercial, check these out:
Godzilla Special Report (1:00)
The Hero Who’s Face You Cannot See Making of Video (2:00)

Here’s that photo of Haruo Nakajima and Ken Satsuma performing the traditional setsubun activity of throwing dries soy beans at the devils (oni) – one of my favorite images from the 1970s.


I would also like to give a huge thank you to both Daisuke Sato (Howl From Beyond The Fog) and Sonoe Nakajima (daughter of Godzilla suit actor Haruo Nakajima) plus our incredible interpreter, Hiro for joining us for this celebratory episode!